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Valheim – Farming, Fermenting, and Food Tips and Guide

This guide will be covering the details that you need to know about farming, fermenting, and food in Valheim. If you’re one of the players who is always having some concerns with food, this guide is for you.

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Valheim Farming Tips

Generally, I find it easier to use a hoe and to flatten a patch of land before using a cultivator to add cultivated land for farming. Right now, I’m working on two crops that I’m not sure there’s more at this time. Carrots and turnips are exactly what I’m using. Carrot seeds can be found in the Black Forest and Turnips in the swamp.

Valheim Farming

You can turn one carrot into a carrot seed by right-clicking on the cultivator and planting the carrot seed. The same thing with turnips, you’re going to get 3 seeds per seed plant you’re collecting once it’s grown. Which can then be planted in carrots or turnips. These things are great at the moment to turn into soups that you can eat and they work better than just eating berries on their own.

Valheim Fermenting Tips

If you want to have an easier time, you’ll need to learn how to make a decent mead.

  • Fermenter – 30x fine wood, 5x bronze bars, and 10x resin
  • Beehive – 10x wood, 1x queen bee (I found a lot in abandon buildings just knock the walls or trees down around them and pick up the queen bee.)
  • Cauldron – 10x tin, use it to ferment over a fire, then place it in a fermenter.

Make a fire, add a cauldron, collect the necessary items, make a base of mead, add a base of mead to the fermenter, which must be covered like any other workbench, and wait for 45 minutes.

Mead Based Items

How long it lasts is 10 minutes per bottle you drink?

  • Frost Resistance x 6 – 10 honey, 5 thistle, 2 bloodbags, 1 greydwarf eye
  • Medium Healing x 6 – 10 honey, 4 bloodbags, 10 raspberries, 1 dandelion (75 hp over time)
  • Minor Healing x 6 – 10 honey, 5 blueberries, 10 raspberries, 1 dandelion (50 hp over time)
  • Poison Resistance x 6  – 10 honey, 5 thistle, 1 neck tail, 10 coal
  • Medium Stamina x 6 – 10 honey, 10 cloudberries, 10 yellow mushrooms
  • Minor Stamina x 6 – 10 honey, 10 raspberries, 10 yellow mushrooms
  • Tasty x 6 – 10 honey, 10 raspberries, 5 blueberries (lowers health and stamina regeneration -50% health regen, 300% stamina regen)

How to locate the ingredients?

  • Thistles are found in the Black Forest, they have a white head and glow at night, blood bags are from leeches in the swamp that in the water, cloudberries that I found while walking across the plains for my life, yellow mushrooms form dungeons in the Black Forest and crypts in the Swamp.

Valheim Food Tips

Right now I’m going to go over food that’s not a berry or basic meat. If you’re not familiar with health and stamina, every food you eat has a set amount that will boost your stat by, duration, and healing amount per tick I’m going to add that information to this item.

  • Carrot Soup – 1 mushroom, 3 carrots (HP 20, ST 60, Dur 1500s, 2 hp/tick)
  • Queens Jam x 4 – 8 raspberries, 8 blueberries (HP 30, ST 40, Dur 1200s, 2hp/tick)
  • Sausages x 4 – 2 entrails, 1 raw meat, 4 thistles (HP 60, ST 40, Dur 1600s, 3hp/tick)
  • Turnip Stew – 1 raw meat, 3 turnips (HP 50, ST 50, Dur 1600s, 2hp/tick)

How to find ingredients?

  • Entrails are falling from the Draugr in the swamp.

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