Valheim – How to Craft a Dvergr Lantern

The Mistlands update in Valheim has added a variety of new features, including the introduction of the Dvergr race. The Dvergr are a race of skilled craftsmen, and the update has added their outposts and unique items to the game. One of these items is the Dvergr Lantern, which provides players with improved lighting options. This guide will provide detailed instructions on how to craft and use the Dvergr Lantern in Valheim.

How to Craft a Dvergr Lantern

To craft a Dvergr Lantern, players will need to collect 2 Bronze bars, 1 Surtling Core, and 1 Crystal. These items can be found in various biomes throughout the game, and the lantern can be crafted at the Black Forge.

To create Bronze bars, players will need to combine 2 Copper Bars and 1 Tin at a Forge. The ore versions of these metals can be found in the Black Forest biome and can be smelted at a Smelter.

Surtling Cores can be obtained from Burial Chambers in the Black Forest biome, or by defeating Surtlings in the Swamp and Ashlands biomes.

Crystals can be obtained by defeating Stone Golems in the Mountain biome or found in its Frost Caves.

How to Use a Dvergr Lantern

The Dvergr Lantern can be equipped as a one-handed light source by right-clicking. It provides improved lighting compared to the torch, though it does decrease movement speed by 5 percent. The lantern can be used in tandem with one-handed weapons such as swords.

In addition to its lighting capabilities, the Dvergr Lantern can also be used in crafting. By combining 3 Copper bars, 1 Chain, and a Dvergr Lantern, players can create a Dvergr Lantern Pole. They can also exchange 2 Copper bars, 1 Chain, and a Dvergr Lantern to create a Dvergr Wall Lantern. Both of these items require a Black Forge to be crafted, and can add a unique look to a player’s base.