Valheim – How to Repair Weapons and Tools

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can repair your weapons and other tools that you’re using in Valheim. If you’re of the new players who still don’t have any idea how to fix the weapons in Valheim, this guide is for you.

Valheim Weapons and Tools Repair Guide

You will need to build a house/shelter of some kind to start repairing tools and weapons in Valhiem. However, it must have a roof, as you’ll need to put things down that can only be placed in a shelter with a roof.

You need a workbench when you have a house/shelter. You can make one by putting together 10 pieces of wood. Once this is collected, equip your hammer and open the Build menu by pressing the right-click button. You should see the workbench on the crafting tab when you just place it where the ground is flat.

After setting up your workbench, you can now start repairing your damaged weapons and tools. When you enter your workbench, you’ll see an area where you can craft and upgrade items. You should see a small blank box on the side (on the left side). Once you’ve picked up a damaged item, this box will display a hammer icon. Drag the damaged item to this box and click it.

Simple as that. Once an item has been repaired, just put it back in your inventory and start repairing another item. You may need to click a few times before it is repaired all the way, and you may need some materials as well.

So this is how you can restore your tools and weapons in the land of Valhiem. If you find this tutorial helpful, feel free to check more Valheim guides below.

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