Valheim – How to Tame Boars

This guide will be covering the basic details and knowledge that you should know about taming a boar in Valheim. For players who are having a hard time taming boras in the game, this one is for you.

How to Tame a Boar in Valheim

In order to eat a decent food supply going, you will need to tame some Boars, sounds harder than it is.

First, make sure you have a small area that is fenced in with on it, you can use the little wooden fences you don’t have to use the tall outer walls. You will want to make sure to put a door on here that you can get in and out of.

You will go engage a Boar, don’t hit it let just get where it wants to attack you. Just run into your cage with the door open. The Boar will follow you inside you shut the gate and jump out over the small fence. Do not go out the door the Boar will follow, jump over the fence and leave the boar in there and do so Before it kills you

On the outside of the fence if you want to make it easier to feed them place a step leading up the side of the fenced-in area with a floor piece attached to the stairs and off to the side of the Boar pen. You will climb up there and throw in some food.

They do not like meat, so give them mushrooms or berries, if you have them carrots etc. Another way to do this is simply let the Boar chase you make sure you got wood in your inventory. Get a workbench put down or in the area of one and start trapping it by building the fence around it.

Either way works the planned one goes smoother though. Make sure with both ways that you repair the fence and the boar has no escape out. Remember they can climb stairs that touch the ground.

If you get two of them in there, keep them fed up so they are not hungry and they have the room they will start to have babies and lots of them. You have to have 2 in order to breed them.

Tip: If you are struggling with food make sure that you don’t feed the Boars till after you kill them and get there numbers down to two but never lower than two. That way you are not feeding them just to turn around and butcher them for meat. Waste of resources. If you go outside and have four Boar butcher two of them, and feed the other two in the am you will have another baby piglet or two.

They do prefer certain types of food over others but just make sure they are fed, to begin with and as you get more food supplies than you can feed them the grown vegetables and mushrooms they love

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