Venture Towns Achievement Guide and Tips

A simplified guide to earning the Steam achievements for Kairosoft’s Venture Towns.

I wish you success in your new venture.

Proof that new residents have moved in.

  • Place a vacant lot from the build menu and wait for your first character to move into town. This is the character that you customized before starting the game.

Well, it became a wonderful town.

Proof of long-term efforts in the development of the town.

  • Complete year 15 on any map.

That is a status of prime location, Huhuhu.

Proof of winning first place in the land price ranking.

  • Reach #1 rank in the National Land Price Rankings.
    Tips: Every year, during month 10, the rankings are announced. A building needs about $75,000 land price to hit first place in the rankings. Seeds will only get you so far since they stop working after a few applications. You need to build good combos near each other to achieve a high-ranking building. Please see the Combos section of Resources below for more information.
    The combos I personally used were Business, Date, Nature, and Animal.

This town is the best, let’s come and test.

Proof that the Venture rank is the maximum.

  • As your town becomes home to more residents with different jobs, it is rewarded with different classifications. Upon hitting the fifth and final classification, Venture Town, this achievement is unlocked.
    Tips: Venture Town is unlocked after meeting these requirements

    • Have 19 residents in town
    • Have at least 14 residents with jobs that ARE NOT Freelancer, Employee, Supervisor, Manager, and/or Executive
    • Have 18 combos active in town
    • Hit rank #8 or higher in the National Land Ranking
    • Have $600,000 cash

There are so many occupations in the world.

Proof of discovering many occupations.

  • Discover 40 jobs.
    Tips: Jobs are discovered at offices when residents go to work. The types of jobs they discover are based on the buildings around the offices. Even combos near offices will unlock new jobs over time. Players can also run the Japan GAMEDEX development project to find jobs faster, however, this project requires a voice actor and programmer resident in town.

The town where Kairobot lives.

Proof that Kairobot has moved in the town.

  • Have Kairobot move into your town.
    Tips: Kairobot moves into town after placing two specific combos. The Special and Star combos must be present in town. Please note, Kairobot does not use a vacant lot in town, instead the bot occupies a park to claim as home.Special combo

    • Airport
      • 1 politician resident
      • 2 sniper residents
      • 5 pilot residents
      • 12 residents with uncommon jobs*
      • 17 combos active
      • 15 different buildings
      • Venture Town rank
    • TV Station
      • have $80,000 cash
      • 1 resident with one of the following jobs: announcer, celebrity, model, or pop singer
      • 4 residents with uncommon jobs*
      • Town rank
    • Office (M) – upgraded office
      • $30,000 land price required to upgrade (Business combo alongside other combos recommended)

    Star combo

    • Mansion – upgraded vacant lots
      • residents must have $12,000 in savings
      • access to a brick street
    • Boutique
      • have $40,000 cash
      • Town rank
      • 1 gambler resident
      • 1 entrepreneur resident
      • an active Culture combo
      • 15 different buildings
      • 5 residents with uncommon jobs*
      • Town rank Dept. Store

*Uncommon jobs include any jobs that ARE NOT Freelancer, Employee, Supervisor, Manager, and/or Executive.

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