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Vermin Parkour
As a rat, Climb on Mr. Boonkle’s statue

How to Unlock Vermin Parkour Achievement

Location: Graveyard

This achievement can be gotten at any time. You have to find the huge statue of a man with a moustache in the graveyard. Nearby of it, there will be a rat. Posses it by pressing “E” on the keyboard. As a rat, go to lianas on the statue and press “Q” to climb up on the statue. Once you are on its head, you should get an achievement BUT a little bug might happen.

As you can see, the rat is levitating. I suppose that this is the reason why I was not able to get the achievement immediately. All you have to do is to accurately move on the edge of the hat so that you stop levitating and drop.

This is when I got that achievement.

Guide by AggdyFehg.

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