Vincenzo Episode 19: Vincenzo Reveals How the Golds Disappeared From the Vault

The cliffhanger of the Episode 18 of Vincenzo drama series surely excites fans to see the continuation of the Korean drama series. Now that a week has passed and the Vincenzo Episode 19 has been released, we finally got the answer for the questions that the previous episode gave us. What happened to the gold inside the vault under the temple? How did it disappear?

In Vincenzo Episode 19, we finally got to see the continuation of the Korean drama series. The drama continues where it ended. We got to see Vincenzo fighting the people that accompanied the secretary of Presidential candidate. Due to being alone, Vincenzo is being overpowered by the enemies. But thankfully, the tenants have arrived to help Vincenzo.

The fight continues and Vincenzo’s friends managed to defeat the enemy. After the fight, we got to see Jo Young Woon speaking with Vincenzo, Hong Cha Young, and Nam Joo Sung. Curiosity about what happened to the gold, Jo Young Woon asked Vincenzo what really happened and how did it disappear.

Vincenzo Reveals How the Gold Disappear

The scene in the Vincenzo Korean drama series shifts to a scene how it actually happened. As what we have predicted in our previous article, Vincezo confirmed that the monks have discovered the vault. The monks reveals that while they are praying, they are being electrified as they bow their head to the floor. From there, the two monks discovered the vault and asked Vincenzo about this matter.

Vincenzo confirmed to the two monks that the gold was in the vault that they discovered. Upon telling them the truth, Vincenzo asked for their cooperation. Vincenzo immediately came up with a plan to move the gold out of the vault with the help of Seo Mi Ri (who unlocked the vault), Hong Cha Young, and Nam Joo Sung.


Their plan was to slowly move the gold out of the vault. Everyday, Vincenzo, Hong Cha Young, Nam Joo Sung, Seo Mi Ri, and the two monks are transporting the gold. The new episode did not reveal the exact place where they moved the gold, but as seen on Jo Young Woon after Nam Joo Sung whispered its location, it seems that its location is unbelievably unexpected.

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