Vincenzo Episode Finale Reveals Where Vincenzo Hide the Golds

Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin’s Korean drama series, Vincenzo, has finally come to its ending. While many drama fans are a bit sad to bid farewell to Vincenzo and the gang, they are still delighted to see the drama series reached its finale. Well, Vincenzo has answered almost everything in the last episode of the drama series.

One of the most controversial events that happened in Vincenzo is the disappearance of the golds inside the vault. The cliffhanger of the disappearance of the golds happened in the 18th episode of Vincenzo. It was followed by Episode 19 where the main and supporting characters of the drama series revealed how the gold disappeared inside the vault. However, we didn’t got to see where did they actually placed it until the episode finale finally revealed where Vincenzo kept the gold.

Where did Vincenzo hide the golds?

The 20th episode of Vincenzo has been full of action as the main character fights the villain of the series. While there are some other people who are looking for the gold, it seems that they already stopped searching after witnessing the empty vault in Episode 18.

As the drama series finally reached its conclusion, where we see Jang Jun Woo and his accomplices suffering from the wrath in the hand of the mafia member, we also learned where Vincenzo hide the golds.

As seen in Vincenzo Episode 20, some of the golds where hidden inside the piano organ owned by Seo Mi Ri. It seems that these golds are her share from helping Vincenzo to open the fault. We got to see Seo Mi Ri peeking at the gold during her piano lesson.

The two monks in the temple also received their share. The episode did not reveal the exact amount of golds that they received as it only shows the golden Buddha that has been returned under the temple.

The remaining golds from the vault were transported and hidden inside the storage house at Hong Cha Young’s place. As seen in the Episode 19, Vincenzo and the others have been slowly moving the gold out of the vault. They moved the gold at Hong Cha Young’s storage area.

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