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Vinland Saga Episode 15 Air Date; Where To Watch Online?

Vinland Saga is about to get a new episode in the next few days which is why you should take note of its air date if you’re watching this anime.

Vinland Saga is an adaptation of the manga drawn by Makoto Yukimura which will bring out the story of the invasion of England. Will the rising power of King Cnut to be stopped by Thorfinn and his army? Let’s find out once the Vinland Saga Episode 15 releases.

When is Vinland Saga Episode 15 Air Date?

Vinland Saga

The upcoming episode of Vinland Saga is titled “After the Winter Solstice Festival (Yul)” which is set to officially release on Sunday, October 20th. Vinland Saga releases every Sunday of the month and if you can’t find it on your streaming platform, all you have to do is wait until they release it.

Where to Watch Vinland Saga?

Vinland Saga

There are lots of anime streaming services out there but we highly recommend watching the upcoming Vinland Saga Episode 15 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video is the only legal place where you can watch the anime.

For fans in the US, you can subscribe to Amazon Prime Video for just $8.99 a month while U.K. anime fans can grab the subscription for £5.99.

Check out the Vinland Saga Episode 15 preview below:

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