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Vinland Saga Episode 22 Release Date and Spoilers: What We Know So Far

Canute and the others just arrived in the Yorvick Village and as expected, someone is planning to kill him. Fortunately, Askeladd has already planned something which saves the lives of Prince Canute.

Thorfinn chased the suspect and killed him, where he also meets his Leif, Thors old friend. The two got a short conversation and Thorfinn revealed that he will avenge his father’s death. What could be the next event in the Vinland Saga anime? Who will be the next person to get killed?

When is the Vinland Saga Episode 22 release date?

Vinland Saga

The Vinland Saga anime is usually releasing a new episode every Monday, meaning, Thorfinn fans will be able to see him and the others back in action on December 16, 2019.

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What to expect in Vinland Saga Episode 22?

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Note: The following contents are the spoilers of the upcoming episode referenced from the Vinland Saga manga. Continue reading at your own risk.

There’s a total of 24 episodes in this season, and now that we’re already on Episode 22, expect to see more intense actions and revelations in the anime.

The upcoming episode will reveal that King Sweyn is planning to take on Prince Canute but his soldier has been outsmarted. There will be a scene of soldiers talking in a hall discussing why Prince Canute was being targetted knowing that King Sweyn was on the same village.

At the same time, Askeladd revealed that the assassination was planned. Askeladd also mentioned to never trust Gunir since he could a spy from the enemy. Askeladd asked Thorfinn to tail Gunir and learned that he went to King’s Manor.