Wandering Sword Beginner’s Companion Guide

This is an official guide on how to recruit the various companions in Wandering Sword!

Kong Liang Quest Line

*Keep in mind that if you progress too far in the main story, you won’t be able to find him or recruit him at all.*

[SIDE QUEST] The Past is the Past [Kong Liang]

  • Yan Fu Town: Before the main storyline, Rainy Night in Gusu, and after defeating Du Biao but before resting at the inn, converse with Kong Liang.
  • Shaolin Temple: Make your way to the temple and engage in a conversation with Yuan Jue.
  • Pagoda Forest: In the deep pagoda forest on the left side of Shaolin Temple, engage Monk Dizui in dialogue.
  • Yan Fu Town Return: Revisit Yan Fu Town to activate the storyline. Choose actions wisely: Assisting Kong Liang boosts Monk Dizui’s affinity by +10; standing by will enhance Leng Yue’s affinity by +10.

Liu Xian er Quest Line

[SIDE QUEST] Husband Material [Lü Xian’er]

  • Event: Trigger the martial arts competition.
  • Duel: After choosing to assist, duel against Night Owl. (Note: Choosing to stand by will terminate all subsequent tasks.)

[SIDE QUEST] Four Martial Arts Families

  • Wutong Village: After completing the martial arts competition for a spouse, converse with Lü Xian’er.
  • Pingyang Fortress: Post completion of the main mission at Chengjia Fortress and escorting Cheng Yu back to Wudang, travel with Lü Xian’er to Pingyang Fortress for a storyline event.
  • Tianshui: Journey alongside Lü Xian’er to instigate another plot event.

[SIDE QUEST] Wang Family in Pingyang

  • Converse: After concluding Four Martial Arts Families, engage in a discussion with Wang Daoming.
  • Search: Hunt for three Coldiron Ingots essential for the mission.
  • Story Event: Initiate dialogue with Wang Tiancong to stimulate the following plot event.

Frosty Condor + Di Zui Quest Line

Prerequisite: After receiving the [SIDE QUEST] Four Martial Arts Families task and completing the Chengjiabao mission, bring Cheng Yu back to Wudang.

  • Sweetspring Village: Head there to activate a story event. Engage in a conversation with the villagers during your first visit.
  • Village Chief Interaction: Engage with the village chief of Sweetspring to commence the next plot event.
  • Upper Right Residence: Travel to this part of Sweetspring Village for another story trigger. Before entering, converse with Wan Biao to gain affection points.
  • Four Places: Visit Pingyang Fort, Chengjiabao, Canglan Village, and Condor School in any sequence. Your affinity with Leng Yue should be ≥20 to obtain the [Condor School Token]. At Condor School, present the token to meet Yin Wujin directly or prepare for battle otherwise.
  • Return to Sweetspring: Make your way back to Sweetspring Village for the following story event.
  • Journey with Leng Yue: Travel to the Badlands Base alongside Leng Yue. Before advancing, chat with Wan Biao for an affection boost.
  • Sweetspring Village (2nd Visit): Upon your return, activate another story event. Two additional events can now be initiated.
  • Additional Event 1: The story unfolds in the upper right residence of Sweetspring. Wan Biao’s fate (death or survival) depends on his affection level. If he perishes, locate Zhao Cheng in Mount Autumnscape and bring him back.
  • Additional Event 2: Speak with Zhao Cheng during the initial village conversation, visit Bitterwater Village, engage with its village chief, then proceed to Canglan Village, Tianshui’s city walls, and finally Chengjia Fortress for a series of narrative events.
  • Approaching Battle Quest Variants: The subsequent [SIDE QUEST] Approaching Battle can deviate into four possible paths depending on how the additional events were played out: Branch A, B, C, or D.
    • Branch A: Head to Skylinemont for a major confrontation, Bitterwater Village for the story progression, and finally, conclude at Skylinemont.
    • Branch B: Same process as Branch A if Additional Event 1 was accomplished.
    • Branch C: Similar to Branch A if either Additional Event 2 was achieved, or both events were accomplished but without certain characters in the party.
    • Branch D: If both additional events were completed and specific characters are in
  • Post Approaching Battle: Depending on which path was taken during the Approaching Battle, various narratives will arise in Sweetspring Village, Canglan Village, Condor School, Pingyang Fort, Badlands Base, and Chengjia Fortress.

Note: After completing the [SIDE QUEST] Approaching Battle, a visit to Condor School gives you the option to add Frosty Condor to your team. However, if this visit happens after the [MAIN STORY] Assembly of Heroes, Frosty Condor won’t join, and an alternative conversation will take place instead. Exploring Shaolin Temple and interacting with Monk Dizui can reveal new storylines, and depending on specific conditions, additional recruitments may be possible.

Li Yuanxing + Yan Weihuan Quest Line

Prerequisite:After triggering the main storyline [MAIN STORY] Siege of Mount Windless.

Visit TanCheng City:

  • Head to TanCheng City to initiate a scenario.

Beggars’ Sect Headquarters:

  • Enter the headquarters of the Beggars’ Sect to activate a storyline.
  • Converse with Li Yuanxing but do not choose to advance the storyline [Correct Route].
  • Alternatively, speak directly with Li Yuanxing and choose to advance the storyline, entering the [Wrong Route].

Prerequisite for Correct Route 1:

  • Leave the Beggars’ Sect headquarters to activate a storyline.
  • Go to the inn in Tancheng City to activate a scenario.
  • Head to Nan Yu Village and converse with Yu Bo to initiate a storyline.
  • Find the Twin Roseleaves in Bramble Shade Forest to initiate a storyline; report back to Yu Bo afterward.
  • Go deep into the Purple Bamboo Forest in Tian Ming Village and find the Phoenix Crown and Cloud Robe; then report back to Yu Bo.

After the Battle:

  • After the great battle at the Beggars’ Sect headquarters, head to the peak of Mount Greenturnip to activate a storyline.

Prerequisite 2:

  • Converse with Zuo Tianlong in the Beggars’ Sect headquarters to activate a storyline.
  • Speak with Gong Jin in Tancheng City to trigger a storyline.
  • Converse with Liu Xuan in Tian Ming Village to initiate a storyline.
  • Enter the depths of the Purple Bamboo Forest in Tian Ming Village to activate a storyline.
  • Report back to Liu Xuan in Tian Ming Village; then proceed to Tancheng City and speak with Gong Jin [Forced Combat is involved].
  • Speak with Zuo Jiang Long to complete the task.

Combining Prerequisites:

  • After completing [Prerequisite 1] and [Prerequisite 2], activate a storyline within the Beggars’ Sect headquarters.
  • Seek out Li Yuanxing and converse with him to trigger a scenario.
  • Initiate a scenario at the inn in Tancheng City.
  • Head to the peak of Mount Greenturnip to activate a storyline.
  • Converse sequentially with Yan Weihuan, Xun Yao Yao, and Li Yuanxing to advance the storyline.


  • Return to the Beggars’ Sect headquarters and talk to Li Yuanxing to choose to advance the storyline.
  • After the great battle at the Beggars’ Sect headquarters, head to Tianming Village to activate a storyline.
  • After speaking with Yan Weihuan, advance the storyline.
  • Go to Tancheng City to activate a storyline.

Completion of Correct Route:

  • [Having completed the correct storyline route] Speak with Li Yuanxing to invite him to join the team.
  • [Having completed the correct storyline route] Go to the western ferry of Solitary Cloud Marsh to activate a storyline. Return to Bramble Shade Forest to find the Twin Roseleaves to activate a storyline, and Yan Weihuan joins the team.

Leng Wuqing + Ye Fei Quest Line

Prerequisite: After completing [URGENT QUEST] Murders at Qianling and [URGENT QUEST] Tianlong Gang Spies.

Visit Leijia Village:

  • Head to Leijia Village and converse with Leng Wuqing.

Conversations with Villagers:

  • Talk to each resident in Leijia Village.
  • Report back to Leng Wuqing upon completion.

Journey to Mount Lian’gu:

  • Join Leng Wuqing, Zhang Wen, and Zhao Wu.
  • Travel to the peak of Mount Lian’gu to trigger a storyline.

Battle in Leijia Village:

  • Return to Leijia Village.
  • Activate a major battle sequence.

Interactions with Leng Wuqing:

  • Engage Leng Wuqing in the Peach Blossom Forest for a scenario.
  • Return to Leijia Village for a storyline, then revisit Peach Blossom Forest and talk to Leng Wuqing again.

Mission in Shuanghe Village:

  • Go to Shuanghe Village to eliminate the Tianlong Undercover Scout.
  • Report back to Mount Lian’gu to continue the story.

Aftermath of the Battle:

  • Following the grand battle on Mount Lian’gu, return to Leijia Village.

Post-Completion Events:

If you’ve finished the tasks above without triggering [SIDE QUEST] Re-encounter with Wuqing:

  • Travel to the heart of Lotus Lake to launch a scenario. Subsequently, Ye Fei becomes available for recruitment.

If you’ve finalized the tasks mentioned and completed the main line of the battle at Mount Windless, upon returning to Wudang:

  • Head to the Peach Blossom Forest and converse with Leng Wuqing, which activates [SIDE QUEST] Re-encounter with Wuqing.
  • Proceed to the Gusu Inn and opt to rest. This action sparks a story-centric battle. Triumph ensures Leng Wuqing’s inclusion in your team.

Wei Huo Quest Line

Prerequisite: Achieve 61 affinity with Wei Huo.

Wild Boar Woods:

  • Team up with Wei Huo.
  • Venture to Wild Boar Woods and eliminate the Wild Boar King.

Lotus Lake Ambush:

  • Proceed to Lotus Lake.
  • Take down the water bandits lurking in the area.

Report Back:

  • Return to Wutong Village.
  • Speak with the village chief to report the success of your mission.

[SIDE QUEST] Sharpening Skills

Visit to Yan Fu Town Martial Arts School:

  • Pair up with Wei Huo.
  • Head to the Yan Fu Town Martial Arts School.

Collecting Materials:

  • Locate and gather 3 pieces of ironwood.
  • Hand them over to the school master of the martial arts school.

Sandalwood Forest Waterfall:

  • Make your way to the entrance of the Sandalwood Forest Waterfall.

Bai Jin Quest Line

Prerequisite: Completion of the main mission on Mount Wanzi.


  • Engage in a conversation with Bai Jin.

Bandit Hunt on Mount Wanzi:

  • Proceed to Mount Wanzi.
  • Eliminate the bandits in the area.

Return to Luo Village:

  • Head back to Luo Village.
  • Have a conversation with Bai Jin.

Dialogue in Petalsfall Forest:

  • Initiate a conversation with Bai Jin.

[SIDE QUEST] Serpent and Plum Liquor

Gathering Plum Liquor:

  • Find 5 bottles of plum liquor. (Available for purchase at Tancheng City Inn.)
  • Return to Bai Jin in Petalsfall Forest for another conversation.

Beggar’s Sect Skirmish:

  • Engage and defeat the disciples of the Beggar’s Sect.

[SIDE QUEST] Precipice Scenery

Prerequisite: Reach 60 affinity with Bai Jin.

Venture to The Precipice:

  • Team up with Bai Jin and proceed to The Precipice.

Grass Bandits Skirmish:

  • Defeat five Grass Bandits in the area.

Mountain Peak Chat:

  • Head to the mountain’s peak.
  • Engage in a conversation with Bai Jin.

[SIDE QUEST] Outer Lands Scenery

Prerequisite: Achieve 80 affinity with Bai Jin and choose options 1, 1, 2 in the first three circles.

Journey to Xungu Pass:

  • Team up with Bai Jin and make your way to Xungu Pass.

Branch 1 Battle at Valley of Dragons’ Slumber:

  • Venture to Valley of Dragons’ Slumber.
  • Engage and defeat the Yan army.
  • Outcome: Bai Jin faces her demise.

Branch 2 Search for Bai Jin in Lin Chang:

  • Head to Lin Chang in search of Bai Jin.
  • Outcome: Bai Jin is found alive and well.

Shang Guan Hong Quest Line

[SIDE QUEST] Valuable Toad Epidermis【Shang Guan Hong】

Converse with Wang:

  • Approach and converse with Wang, the wealthy merchant, who can be found below Ping Kang City.

Journey to Murkwood:

  • Travel to Murkwood.
  • Encounter a sorcerer within the woods.

Return to Ping Kang City:

  • Head back to Ping Kang City.
  • Find and talk to Wang, the wealthy merchant, to report on the findings from Murkwood.

[SIDE QUEST] Dance at Qingmu Sect

Prerequisite: Reach 40 affinity with Shangguan Hong.

Initiate Conversation:

  • Converse with Shangguan Hong.

Travel to Qingmu Sect:

  • Make your way to Qingmu Sect.

Battle Against Sima Ling:

  • Team up with Shangguan Hong.
  • Engage and defeat Sima Ling in a collaborative combat.

Bamboo Collection:

  • Venture into the Bamboo Sea.
  • Collect green bamboo specimens from the area.

Duel with Shangguan Hong:

  • Return to Qingmu Sect.
  • Challenge and defeat Shangguan Hong in a one-on-one duel.

[SIDE QUEST] Baidi Whirling Swordplay

Prerequisite: Achieve 70 affinity with Shangguan Hong.

Journey to Bai Di Lake:

  • Team up with Shangguan Hong.
  • Travel to Bai Di Lake.

Solo Duel:

  • Shangguan Hong engages in a one-on-one duel against Mu Haitang.

Sima Ling Quest Line

[SIDE QUEST] Qingmu Sect History

Prerequisite: Complete the quest [SIDE QUEST] Baidi Whirling Swordplay.

Chat with Sima Ling:

  • Approach and converse with Sima Ling.

Collect Special Bamboo:

  • Travel to Bamboo Sea.
  • Hunt for and collect the special green bamboo native to the area.

Duel with Night Owl:

  • Engage in a duel against the mysterious Night Owl and emerge victorious.

[SIDE QUEST] Departure Test

Prerequisite: Achieve 50 affinity with Sima Ling.

Dialogue Initiation:

  • Approach and converse with Sima Ling.

Combat Training:

  • Travel to the left side of Qing Mu Sect.
  • Engage and defeat the Qing Mu Sect disciples stationed there.

[SIDE QUEST] Koi in Jinli Village

Prerequisite: Ensure both Shangguan Hong and Sima Ling are present in the team.

Enter Jinli Village:

  • Journey to Jin Li Village with Shangguan Hong and Sima Ling.

Bridge Scenario Activation:

  • Upon reaching the bridge in Jin Li Village, a storyline event is triggered, furthering the narrative of the quest.

[SIDE QUEST] A Dance in Gusu

Prerequisite: Reach 80 affinity.

Venture to Gusu:

  • Team up with both Shangguan Hong and Sima Ling.
  • Set out towards the city of Gusu.

Inn Storyline Activation:

  • On arrival at the inn, a story event is automatically triggered.

Rest and Watch:

  • Choose to rest in the inn for a night.
  • As a result, players will be treated to a continuous CG storyline, further fleshing out the backstories and character relationships.

Chen Lin Xi Quest Line

Prerequisite: Players must have progressed past the Li Tian Bao incident in the main storyline.

Event Trigger at East Gate:

  • Arrive at the east gate of Ping Kang City. A significant event is automatically triggered upon arrival.

Martial Arts Duel:

  • Head to the martial arts school.
  • Engage in consecutive duels against Chen Lin Xi and his band of disciples.

[SIDE QUEST] Frozen Corpse in Beishan

Prerequisite: Attain 60 affinity with Chen Lin Xi.

Initiate the Quest:

  • Approach and converse with Chen Lin Xi to kick-start the quest.

Journey to North Mountain Village:

  • Team up with Chen Lin Xi and make your way to North Mountain Village. Upon arrival, a significant storyline event is activated.

Seek Out Zhan Wu Xing:

  • Navigate to the area below Fancheng City.
  • Seek out and find the mysterious Zhan Wu Xing, which progresses the storyline further.

Fancheng City Events:

  • Head to the west gate of Fancheng City to activate a key storyline event.
  • Move near the house located above Fancheng City for another storyline activation.

Return to Martial Arts School:

  • Travel back to the martial arts school in Ping Kang City.
  • Engage in a conversation with Chen Lin Xi for another narrative progression.

Fate of Chen Lin Xi:

  • Depending on the player’s choices and affinity rating with Chen Lin Xi, his fate is decided.
  • If the affinity rating reaches or surpasses 70, a tragic turn of events leads to Chen Lin Xi’s death.
  • If the affinity rating is below 70, Chen Lin Xi survives the ordeals and remains a key character in the narrative.

Huo Changqing Quest Line

[SIDE QUEST]The Misty Sword [Huo Changqing]

Prerequisite: Players must have concluded the [MAIN STORY] Rainy Night in Gusu episode in the primary narrative.

Beginning in Fancheng City Inn:

  • After the events of “Gusu Rainy Night”, the player should navigate to the Fancheng City Inn.
  • Upon arrival, an integral storyline event is automatically activated.

Journey to Chengjia Village:

  • Venture out to Chengjia Village from Fancheng City.
  • As the player enters the vicinity of the village, another crucial narrative sequence gets triggered, delving deeper into the backstory of Huo Changqing.

Reunion with Huo Changqing:

  • After the events in Chengjia Village, the player must return to the Fancheng City Inn.
  • At the entrance of the inn, engage in a conversation with Huo Changqing. This dialogue offers insights into Huo Changqing’s character, motivations, and his mastery as a swordsman.
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