War on the Sea

War on the Sea May 18th Update Brings Two Major Features

Since the official release of the game last February 2021, developer and publisher Killerfish Games has been constantly releasing new updates for War on the Sea. Previously, the developer has added a new campaign win conditions in the game, as well as some modifications with the other campaigns. Now, it seems that War on the Sea players will be having more fun as Killerfish Games has officially added two major features in the game.

The new War on the Sea update 1.08d10h1 has been officially rolled out today, May 18, 2021, bringing the two new features. These features are the smoke screens where players and AI ships may now lay smoke screens and the campaign endings/flow modifications.

In addition to these two new major features of War on the Sea, the new patch also brings some in-game fixes and balancing. Below are the details from the official changelog of War on the Sea update.

War on the Sea Update Patch Notes

Two new major features added:

  1. Smoke Screens – Player and AI ships may now lay smoke screens.
  2. Campaign endings/flow modifications – Sinking many enemy ships now opens sea lanes, enabling an increased rate of resource replenishment as long as they remain open. Campaign flow and win conditions can be configured in the campaign setup.txt files as outlined below.


  • Added Lay Smoke toggle to Orders panel (viewable only for Sea units that are not submarine)
  • Lays or ceases smoke for all selected Sea units
  • A ship laying smoke itself or looking at a target laying smoke is always considered to be viewing through smoke
  • Viewing through smoke applies “tmaShipSmokingPenalty”:0.2
  • AI applies smoke when retreating if player Sea units are present


Multiple new campaign endings or modifications now available:

  1. winEnemyShipsSunk:0, winEnemyShipSunkSupplyIncrease:ANY VALUE
    • All outlined objectives must be achieved.
  2. winEnemyShipsSunk:100, winEnemyShipSunkSupplyIncrease:1
    • Campaign will END with the overpower.txt event when player sinks 100 ships more than the enemy has sunk (as long as winEnemyShipSunkSupplyIncrease <= 1)
  3. winEnemyShipsSunk:100, winEnemyShipSunkSupplyIncrease:3 (DEFAULT)
    • Upon reaching the criteria outlined in #2 above, sea lanes will be opened allowing player resource replenish rate to be increased by winEnemyShipSunkSupplyIncrease (if value <= 1 and winEnemyShipsSunk > 0 then #2 applies).
    • Sea lanes can become contested again based on the #2 calculation causing the resource to replenish rate to fall back to 1x. Sea lanes may be reopened.

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