Warlocks Deeds Beginner’s Guide and Tips

General guide to help get you started with the world of warlocks deeds.


Farming, Talking to farmers will improve your farming skills and also allow you to recognise plants you previously didn’t know.

The ground you plant your seeds on will greatly impact the growth rate, Some plants will not grow at all unless the ground is of a suitable quality.

Common vegetables will grow easily in clay whereas more delicate plants will require fertilised soil or they may die. You can make your own fertiliser by building a composted and feeding it with garbage.
You can place fertilised soil just like any other block by putting it on your tool bar and having it selected. You can also dig back up your fertilised soil and move it elsewhere.

Chicken coop, once you make a chicken coop you must populate it with one cockerel and as many chickens as you can. If you only have chickens then your eggs will not be fertile and wont produce chicks, Only eggs.
If you find a cockerel in the wild you can get it to follow you by holding any seeds in your hand, Once the cockerel is within a few feet of a coop it will enter it, as long as its stocked with plenty of feed.

If you leave your chickens in the coop without food they will eventually die.

Talking to NPC’s

As you travel around the world you will bump into various different classed of NPC’s each class can help you learn new skills, Get equipment or provide you with information to help you on your way.

Peasants will alternate between helping you with tips or skills, If there house is occupied by creatures they will ask for your help in clearing it out before giving you a reward.

You can see the NPC’s in your skills tree and see the next skills you can learn.

All NPC’s will eventually re-spawn if killed, except for the peasants.


You can enchant your weapons once you have fully levelled up your cauldron.

You can find Level 1 enchantments as you travel around and loot.
You can get Level 2 when you start talking to the wizard.

At present there is no way to get the Level 3 enchantments.

All you do to apply the enchantment is place the weapon/item in the enchant slot and then the particular enchantment into the second slot. Different items can take different amounts of enchantments.


Once you have build your cauldron you can start collecting all the items it needs to get to the next level. You can pickup and move your cauldron and it will retain its current Level, However it you are part way through levelling up them you will loose that portion.

To pickup your cauldron you should turn it off and remove anything that it contains first.

You can use your fully levelled cauldron to convert any collectable charms into enchantment scrolls, These scrolls are used by the teleport network.


Once you find and use your first teleport it will add that location to your network. You can get access to the next nearest teleport by using an Enchantment Scroll, This will then allow you to travel to this destination.

You can pickup and carry teleport’s around with you giving you quick travel ability around the current world.

You can make a Teleport later on in the game.


Teleport’s allow you to travel around your current world, Portals allow you to travel between different worlds.

Portals appear to do nothing at first glance, However if you walk onto a portal with a Rune in hand it Will take you to another world. The rune you hold dictates your destination, Not holding a rune sends you back to your first world.

You will have to learn to survive in each of the worlds you travel to.

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