Wars and Roses

Wars and Roses Save Game (100% Completed) Download

Released in the first month of the year 2022, Blaze Worlds’ newest shooter game Wars of Roses has received a lot of mixed feedback. Apart from the action that players are looking for, Wars and Roses also comes with some dating-themed features. Well, who doesn’t want to be accompanied by a beautiful lady while fighting, right?

Wars and Roses come with a lot of challenges and missions that players need to complete. As the story progresses, the difficulty of each mission becomes more difficult. If you’re having a hard time completing the challenges or simply just want to skip the hard part, your last option is using other players’ Wars and Roses save game. Here we will be giving you the save game that you need to unlock almost everything in the game.

Wars and Roses Save Game Download

Obtaining the Wars and Roses save file is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is click the download button below to get the saved file. According to the author, the save game has already been completed. It also comes with the best weapons, armors, and a good relationship with the agents that will help you in your missions. Apart from this good stuff, the missions in this Wars and Roses save game are all 3-stars.

You can download the save game from the button below:

How to Install Wars and Roses Save Game

Are curious how to use this save game? Just follow the steps below:

  1. Download the file from the button above.
  2. Go to the Wars and Roses save directory. You can find it from this location:
    C:\Users\\AppData\LocalLow\Blaze Worlds\Wars and Roses
  3. Extract the content of the zip file in the directory mentioned above.

Before you extract the files, we recommend that you back up your original save file first as the save file will overwrite all of your progress in the game.

So, are you enjoying the 100% completed save game for Wars and Roses? In case you’re having any problem installing or using the save game data, please let us know by leaving a comment below.