Wartales Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

Developer Shiro Games has finally started the early access for the turn-based RPG game Wartales. The game is equipped with a lot of features such as open-world exploration and some note-worthy combat mechanics. For those who are just getting started in the game, this guide will tell you some of the best tips and tricks that you need to know to beat the game. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Wartales Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

Set Profession for Every Character

As soon as you start your game, make sure to select a profession for every character in your party. These professions will provide passive bonuses in the game, which is useful during combat. Taking advantage of these professions will increase your win rate for every battle that you engage. At the start, one of the professions that you can use is the Tinkerer that will grant your character a +2% critical hit chance.

Earn and Save Money

Money is very important in the world of Wartales to maintain your mercenary group. It is recommended to immediately head out to the next possible village and you’ll find up to three bounty quests. Check out the Traveller’s Feast Inn to find all available contracts that you can complete. The reward depends on the difficulty of the contract that you will be taking.

Pay Wages to Your Party Members

Before you start another journey, make sure that you pay your party members. Paying wages are done every three days and can be done in the campfire. Just like in real life, there are several consequences if you don’t pay your members. So make sure that you have enough money for the next payout of your party members.

Repair and Heal

Repairing and healing are very important but also expensive. Only repair or heal if you really need to. You can repair or heal in the village. As we have mentioned, repairing and healing are expensive. You need to have enough funds before making a decision.

Bring Enough Food

When you go out for an adventure, take enough food with you. We recommend taking a food supply that will last for two to three days. In case you’re getting short of food, try to trade or hunt down some wild animals for meat.

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