Way of the Hunter

Way of the Hunter Update 1 Patch Notes

Developer Nine Rocks Games has rolled out the first update for their hunting simulation game, Way of the Hunter. In line with this new update release, you can find the full changelog of the update below.

The newest Way of the Hunter patch is now available for download on Steam. The focus of this new patch is to fix some in-game issues, add minor tweaks, and more.

Unfortunately, the developer did not reveal the overall size of this new update. But since this is just a minor update, the download file size should be relatively small. Learn more about this new update below.

Way of the Hunter Update 1 Patch Notes

  • Fixed: Disappearing blood tracks, partially (full fix is being worked on)
  • Added: Ability to change Keybindings (work in progress, localized characters do not show in tutorials / encyclopedia)
  • Added: FOV slider to Game options menu
  • Tuned: Ultra widescreen support
  • Tuned: Hunter sense blur is reduced
  • Fixed: Clipping of player / firearms during movement
  • Tuned: Lake sounds volume reduced
  • Tuned: Wind sound volume reduced
  • Tuned: Sleep spamming no longer advances animal age
  • Tuned: Explorer difficulty is even easier (reduced speed of animal reactions, added more blood to streamline tracking)
  • Tuned: Sell prices of meat
  • Fixed: Mission Riddle Me This Part 3 blocking progress if player dies during walkie talkie dialogue
  • Added: Limited photo mode boundaries in Ranger difficulty
  • Fixed: Steyr Monobloc animation
  • Added: Clipping mask for blur
  • Tuned: Visual improvements to vital organs in Bullet camera
  • Tuned: Improved and optimized save files
  • Fixed: Rare crash connected with animal signs interaction
  • Fixed: Improper synchronization of animal trophies and parameters in Multiplayer
  • Tuned: Improved synchronization of character in Multiplayer
  • Fixed: Climbing ladders no longer corrupts animations
  • Fixed: Weather synchronization in Multiplayer


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