We Went Back Achievements Walkthrough Guide

This is a 100% comprehensive walkthrough of all 11 achievements for new players and will cover everything about this game in details from the basic, walkthrough, and step by step. I hope achievements you miss can be replicated by such from this guide.

Part 1: Station

  1. Complete first walkthrough
  2. Clues: 4/4
  3. Scares: 1/7
  4. Achievements: 7/11

We will complete this game by getting the first end, that means instead of all jumpscares completed we can have all pictures taken then experience to the end. However, I include all possible locations of scares and transferred them to the other section. You’d see jumpscares few times so for me why not include it on the second section.

Note: Interacting with the scares of triggering few will never void this goal, we just avoid getting by Billy.

First Walkthrough


Wake Up, Sleepyhead
Opened the cryotube door.

You will keep walking until you get this achievement at the beginning, do not worry about the door to exit we will get to that in our second walkthrough we need the code for it.


Say Cheese
Collected the camera.

What you need to do is when you can move the camera around, your screen should slowly zoom to it and then suddenly the Polaroid camera snaps a photo to yourself, immediately unlocking the achievement.

1st loop:

You will crawl through the vents, seeing a room with a vinyl and a polaroid photos on the wall, we got to collect them regardless throughout the run.

Clue #1: First one for our polaroid camera is a shape.

2nd loop:

Clue #2: You can find a severed hand on the left plant side so you pick it and rotate to see another moon crescent shape.

3rd loop:

You can also still notice a glass door not shattered but a 2nd crack appear.

Clue #3: A Petri Dish on the microscope will appear with a moon symbol in it.

4th loop:

Clue #4: The last clue you will take a picture of, it is an eyeball.


Ghostly Glow
Took pictures of every interactable moon symbol.

If you have followed the guide you’d get all 4 clues.


Stop Repeating Yourself
Collected all clues without triggering the repeating rooms.

We don’t miss any so if you followed the guide you will get this achievement at the same time with Ghostly Glow Achievement.

Although the scares are not finished for Billy Boy, I noted them down accordingly but I’ll mention it on my second playthrough.

5th loop:

There is a 3rd crack on the wall, mentioning it here already gave the idea for loop counts but at this point you may go inside the room. You will begin hearing music.


Go to the Garden, Sinner
Collected the Golden Record.

You need this to solve the password puzzle on the wall, which is shown to be FUTILE, piece them together and trigger what will happen.


Solved the password.

You will get this after the puzzle.

Scare #7: This may count as a jumpscare but won’t grant Billy Boy Achievement. I mentioned this on my other section.


The Blazing World
Walked through fire.

For this ending we just get killed and end our first run to the start immediately.

So you have the password but you can go straight next to get Billy Boy Achievement because entering the console with your password is going to unlock you other achievements.

Part 2: Stopping the loop

  1. Complete first walkthrough cont.
  2. Scares: 7/7
  3. Achievements: 10/11

We didn’t die so our goal now is to get the bad ending, we need Billy to kill us. I do see there are 8 jumpscares but only 5 specifics are needed but regardless you’ll get the scares easily. You still need to take clue pictures so the next door will appear or even after entering one (example on your first loop where clue #1 appear).

1st loop:

Scare #1: This appears right after the loop on the same area, you only need to briefly look at the glass window where the lights are then the item will fly pass through your view up-close. If this does not appear, go to the next room in loop.

Scare #2: This is where the space suits will stare at you, you will stop when one falls down and see a vent that you definitely did not look initially. Once you open the vent, a monster will scare you.

Scare #3: Before entering the same door on a 2nd loop, chances of monster appearing by the ceiling will happen, he is located to where you are looking up so it should be unmissable.

2nd loop:

Scare #4: I think this should be a jumpscare due to the sudden audio cue, right when you interact via cryo chamber the third chamber the sound will appear hastily so that should be noted but at least the cryo door will make a sound.

Scare #5: This might appear on the glass window where you can see, I think it might appear on the next loop so keep this noted just in case but you can see a crack on the window.

3rd loop:

Scare #6: This one should be by being grabbed from the monster, don’t panic he won’t kill you.

IMPORTANT: Pass the petri dish area and move to the next door, this ensures you’d not start at the beginning of the cryo chambers.

4th loop:

Nothing here for scares we just keep moving in a loop until a door appears.

5th loop:

Scare #7: This one should be by being grabbed from Billy but you will black-out in the beginning. Next thing you wake up.


Billy Boy
Experienced all possible scares.

If you follow through this section you’d get it after Billy grabs you second time. You will start off at the Petri Dish area so you didn’t start on the beginning.

Take Clue #4 and move on so we can allow ourselves to go back at the beginning after the door.


One Giant Leap
Finished one complete playthrough.

Easy just use the password provided, you can earn this with Cheater Achievement but that’s reserved at the end.


Street Cred
Finished watching the credits.

Just sit and wait think about this game and what was going on.

Part 3: Speedrun

  1. Complete second walkthrough
  2. Achievements: 11/11

Second Walkthrough:


Inputted the password without collecting any clues or walking through any doors.

The password you use should be the case here so the same but you unlock it the same way as the One Giant Leap Achievement.

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