We Were Here Together

We Were Here Together Achievement List and Guide for Xbox One

Developer Brad Erkkila and publisher Ratalaika Games released the official We Were Here Together achievement list and guides for Xbox One.

In We Were Here Together, players will be collecting 22 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore. There are 21 hidden achievements in this game. Check out the full We Were Here Together achievements for Xbox One.

We Were Here Together Achievements

We're in this Together!Invite a friend to play We Were Here Together40
The Signal (Secret)Set out on a rescue mission40
Up Down Up Down (Secret)Reached the top of the excavation site40
Iceolated (Secret)Discovered a way through the abandoned mine40
Abridged Adventure (Secret)Discovered a way across the ravine40
The Tower (Secret)Split up and infiltrated the Tower40
The Cathedral (Secret)Split up and infiltrated the Cathedral40
Energize (Secret)Disable the tesla reactor40
Shock Therapy (Secret)Assisted in disabling the tesla reactor40
Chromatic Apparatus (Secret)Refilled the colored tanks40
Buoyfriends (Secret)Get rescued from the watersilo40
Water you waiting for (Secret)Rescue your partner from the watersilo40
Growing Pains (Secret)Exterminate the carnivorous weeds40
Recipe for Disasters (Secret)Created the pesticide40
Minor Illusion (Secret)Solve the puzzles of the Grand Alchemist40
Reflection (Secret)Solve the puzzles of the Head Priest40
Equivalent Exchange (Secret)Create the Soulstone through the power of alchemy40
Mixed Feelings (Secret)Assist in creating the Soulstone40
Grand Orders (Secret)Solve the Guardians' riddle40
Cardinal Correction (Secret)Solve the Guardians' riddle40
We Were Here (Secret)End a part of yourself..100
Together (Secret)Sacrifice a part of yourself..100

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