Weed Shop 3 Achievement Walkthrough and Tips

Now that there is finally some purpose to achievements in WS3, it’s high time someone created a comprehensive and updated guide to help players understand the requirements for those tricky secret achievements.

This is my first guide, so if there’s anything I’ve missed or that needs to be changed, please let me know in the comments. I’ll make sure to update the guide with any new information and strategies I come across as updates roll out.

NOTE: This guide is mostly complete, but I’ll be adding additional strategies and clarifications as I find the time and motivation. Rest assured, every achievement will be explained to some extent.

Before You Begin

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when hunting for achievements in WS3:

  • The recent Easy Street update has introduced a new set of sandbox settings. When you reach 80% achievement completion, additional settings will unlock. Modifying these settings will disable achievement progress.
  • The special settings are highlighted in green text (sometimes available before reaching 80% due to bugs, so be cautious).
  • I’m unsure if enabling these settings permanently affects your save file.
  • Some players have reported issues with achievements after adjusting any sandbox settings, including the green ones. To avoid any problems, I recommend refraining from altering any sandbox settings until these issues are resolved or until you’re satisfied with your achievements.
  • If you decide to use Sandbox mode after obtaining enough achievements, I suggest making a duplicate of your save file beforehand, ensuring you have a backup if you want to earn more achievements.
  • Most achievements update when you enter the menu (by pressing ESC). Only a few of the grind achievements will naturally unlock. If you believe you’ve completed one, open the menu to confirm.

There are three potentially miss-able achievements

King Arthur: This achievement is obtained upon completing the tutorial. If you have already started the game and haven’t obtained it, it’s likely because you either skipped the tutorial or completed it before it was implemented.

“It” Strain: Grow 100 plants in the turd. In the starter grow room there is a turd in which you will be growing your first weed, to get this achievement you will need to grow 100 plants in that turd, finish this before you upgrade the grow room.

If you missed either or both of these, I highly recommend making a new account and quickly obtaining both. They are rather quick to get.

Party Pooper: It’s as simple as the description. Reach level 69 without completing a single trippy event. trippy events are challenges that appear when you are high; you activate them by walking into hallucinations (A bowling pin, a shovel, and a rocking horse are some examples). If you only want achievements for the additional settings, I recommend skipping this one as it requires you to avoid a core progression aid for the early, mid, and mid-late game. If you still want to get it but have already completed a trippy event, you will need to start fresh.

Achievement progress is save file specific, so growing 50 plants in the turd on one save and 50 on another will NOT net 100 plants grown. It will only be 50. All individual achievement requirements must be completed in one game.


There are currently THREE hidden achievements in WS3 that the developers confirm to be impossible to obtain.

These are:

If Looks Could Kill

Flying Dutch, Man!

Big Brain Moment

The devs last confirmed this as of May 17, 2023

General Progression/Basic Grind Achievements

These achievements are quite basic and will likely be unlocked by anyone following the basic gameplay loops and making a regular game. There isn’t much, if anything, that needs to be said about these beyond their descriptions, so this section will be brief.

To Humble Beginnings!: Grow your first plant.

King Arthur: Collect “poop”scalibur during the tutorial
Make sure you complete the extended tutorial, you can make a new save file to do this if you missed it.

The “It” Strain: Grow 100 plants in the turd.
Make sure you finish this before upgrading your grow room, the toilet is removed.

Get To Work!: Serve 420 customers.
Remember when handing out freebies you can tell customers to go to your shop
Staff members serving customers also count for this achievement!

Baller On A Budget: Spend $42,000 of your hard earned cash.

The Grind Begins: Grow 420 plants.

Mr. Shop Person: Serve 4200 customers
Staff members serving customers also count for this achievement!

Skunky Doobie Doo: Roll 420 joints with your own hands.
Auto rollers can’t do this.
Highly recommend getting the metal rolling table before grinding this.

Snitches get Stitches: Knock the snitch out 50 times.
Having your guard do it also counts for this.

Street Dealer:Make 420 deals on the streets.

Lil’ Farmer: Grow 420 plants in your grow field.
This is a bit later game, the grow field is purchased as an upgrade to the lab which is unlocked around lvl 69.

Advanced Progression/Heavy Grind Achievements

These are your general endgame achievements, there is nothing complicated about them, just a lot of work. You probably shouldn’t focus on any of these until you’re well into the higher levels (around 70+ at least) I’ll leave some notes on how you can make these a little less of a pain to complete.

Heavy Toker: Use a bong to burn through a brick.
This may initially confuse my fellow sober players, a brick is one kilo of weed, use a bong to smoke 1000g of your weed.
Higher lvl bongs burn more weed at once!

Pot Head: Smoke 1k doinks
doinks are any smokes (doobies, joints, blunts, etc.)
this takes a LONG time but there is a way to optimize it.
the amount of time you need to smoke a doobie to use it up depends on the quality of weed used to make it, so the lower quality the doobie, the quicker the smoke. so remove any supplements or components from your grow setups, and grow some OG kush, then once it is fully grown, leave it there and let it start to mold. continue to leave the weed until it reaches 0% quality, then harvest it, then use the 0% quality weed to roll 1000 doobies. You can smoke these in a few seconds and will save you hours on this achievement.

Thrifty!: Spend a $100k at the pawn shop.
make sure to visit the pawn shop everyday and buy anything you need/want (there are often counters, rare decor, and weed storage available)

I’ll Get You the Money: Sell 500k worth of stuff at the pawn shop.
Make sure to sell your old equipment at the shop instead of online at dump yo junk and this one shouldn’t be too bad.
You can always buy excess equipment just to sell at the shop as well.

Trash King: Collect $42,000 dumpster diving
Around the trash cans on the boardwalk, there will sometimes be money you can collect. The amount of money is related to your level, so just passively grind this whenever you are walking by, but don’t focus on it till you are a higher level.

Charlie Work: Drink 420 gallons of paint.
paint can be bought on the far left side (when facing your stores entrance) of the map, from a homeless man.
When drinking paint, try to chug it as fast as possible, paint damages you when drinking it but if you drink multiple in quick succession they don’t all apply damage.

Universal Healthcare When?: Rack up $42,000 in hospital fees.
hospital fees also seem to be related to your level so this can be done at mid levels easier.
Just doing the paint achievement will easily net you this one as well.

Bud Scientist: Unlock all the Hybrid strains.
Hybrids are unlocked in the lab, you can find the recipes for hybrids by maxing your respect with influencers then asking them about “dank hybrids”
Or you can find spreadsheets of all the recipes on the community hub.

Trippy Achievements

All these achievements are related to trippy events!

This is an awesome guide detailing all the tripping events!

Party Pooper: Reach level 69 without completing a single trippy event.
If you want to get this one make sure you don’t start doing these till lvl 69

Do Be Tripping: complete 123 trippy events.
everytime you complete a trippy event its cooldown time will increase, so doing one type of event for all of these is time consuming.

Bad Trip!: Kill 69 food monsters
These are in the mad munchies event.

Sea, Man!: complete the dolphin trippy event.
this event can be found when high on the waters edge

Unique Achievements

These are the unique challenge achievements

Flute Virtuoso
Smoke weed out of a dildo

Flat Earth
Manage to fall out of the map, I did this on a much older version so how i did it no longer works, I have heard that riding the dolphin in the dolphin minigame to the edge of the map works but I cannot confirm it. If anyone knows any reliable methods for this please let me know and I will add them!

High Prices: Make a sale on the street for exactly $420
you can adjust the price of your sales up on the streets for a decreased chance of making a sale, as you play, watch what your selling prices are and try moving the slider to see if $420 is one of the options, and keep trying it whenever it pops up till it succeeds. This is easiest to do in the mid game before weeds get too expensive.

And Stay Out!
I got this one by running around on a fresh save, beating up customers on the streets. Having the achievement complete it has a progress slider reading 42/42. My guess is that either it was simply beating up 42 people, or it was beating up 42 UNIQUE people. Sadly, I cannot test it anymore, if anyone advises me on what it is I will update this.

Balls Deep
Kick volley balls and beach balls into the ocean, some people say kicking one in works, some say they need a lot, just keep doing it and checking the menu and it will come eventually.

Hot Box, Going Up!
smoke in the elevator while it is moving in hotel 69 (across from the strip club)

Dumpster Capitalist: find over a $1000 in one pile.
The amount of cash in a pile is a random number from a range based on your level, this achievement will need you to be around level 100 before the probability of a pile being 1k is reliable.

The Fast & the Dank: complete a Dxxber Delivery in under 30 seconds & above “♥♥♥♥♥ don’t go under”
The lower quality weed requests on Dxxber (sour diesel, early queen, etc) often have closer delivery points, so do those weeds. The max lvl cart has the highest speed so use it. Make sure you are high before starting deliveries. Beyond that, all I can really say is git gud lol.

Burning Time

These achievements all have the same requirement: Spend X amount of time in Y place

And yes, these are REAL LIFE times.

(You can AFK for all of these, so remember that)

These are cumulative times and don’t need completing in one session

Remember to open your menu to get these to pop!!

Hobo Life: spend 20 mins in a tent (you can find these on the lab street)

Handicapped Mile: spend one hour in a wheelchair (you spawn in a wheelchair whenever you die)

Sk8ter, Buoy!: ride a skateboard for 420 minutes (7 HOURS). These have durability so you will need multiple skateboards

Life’s A Beach: sit in a beach chair for 2 hours

Naughty Stoner: sit in the strip club for 30 minutes

The Awful 3 (Guide WIP)

I don’t think I really need to explain.

Look How We Grown!: Grow 420,000 plants.

Green Hoarder: Stock up 500 kilos of weed.

Mo Money, No Problems!: Save $420,000,000

Seriously, do these last, you have no idea how long $420,000,000 is going to take.

Reaching 500 kilos weed stored is not as bad as the other two, but it felt fitting to just clump in with these.

I am currently working on finding a good way to grind these two and once I have worked out the kinks I will add a guide of how to grind these.


And that is all 42 of Weed Shop 3’s achievements, If there is anything not clear enough please let me know along with any other suggestions in the comments!

For 80% completion you only need 34 achievements. Personally, I would recommend these achievements as the ones to not bother with if you only want 80%:

  • If Looks Could Kill
  • Flying Dutch, Man!
  • Big Brain Moment
  • Mo Money, No Problems
  • Look How we Grown!
  • Party Pooper
  • Do be Tripping
  • Pot Head, Dumpster Capitalist, or The Fast & the Dank
This guide about Weed Shop 3 was written by Canadaboy250. You can visit the original publication from this link. If you have any concerns about this guide, please don't hesitate to reach us here.