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What Happens to the Pokemon When Pokemon HOME Premium Plan Expires?

Pokemon HOME is one of the newest services that Nintendo released to connect and store all Pokemon in one place. This is a cloud-based system for Pokemon games like Pokemon GO, Pokemon Sword & Shield, and more.

While this is a free service, it also offers a premium plan that allows users to experience extra features of the service. These features include the expansion of total Pokemon that can be deposited, an increased number of Pokemon that can be placed in the Wonder Box at once, and more.

Pokemon Home

The Pokemon HOME Premium Plan is a subscription-based feature, which users need to pay it every due date. But what will happen to all the features and Pokemon that you store using the features of the Premium Plan?

According to the official Pokemon Support, all the Pokemon that you deposit that extra storage provided by the Premium Plan will be on-hold. Meaning, only the first 30 Pokemon that you deposited can be withdrawn, while the remaining Pokemon stored will not be available for viewing or withdrawal once your subscription expires. To get back all the Pokemon that you deposited, you need to reactivate your Pokemon HOME Premium Plan subscription.

Pokemon HOME is now available for Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS devices.

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