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Where and When to Watch Spy x Family Season 2

TL;DR: You can watch Spy X Family Season 2 on Crunchyroll, and it premieres on October 7, 2023, at 11:00 p.m. JST in Japan, with subtitles available on streaming platforms 30 minutes later.

Spy X Family Season 2 is making a return this week, and I’ll let you know how and when you can catch it.

In the fall of 2023, there are several exciting new anime shows and eagerly anticipated follow-ups hitting the screens. One of these gems is the beloved Shonen anime series called Spy X Family, centered around the Forger family. It’s no surprise that the endearing family dynamics in the series have quickly captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

This anime initially debuted in 2022 with its first season, which was split into two parts. The story revolves around Loid Forger, a spy, Yor Forger, an assassin, and Anya Forger, a telepath, all living under the same roof but concealing their true identities from one another.

The upcoming season promises to bring more thrilling adventures for the Forger family as they work to maintain peace between Ostania and Westalis. Stay tuned to find out the exact details of when and how you can enjoy Spy X Family Season 2.

Where to Watch Spy x Family Season 2

You can catch the new episodes of Spy X Family on Crunchyroll this Fall, and currently, they are offering the version with subtitles. The streaming platform will soon announce when the version with different language voiceovers will be available. Additionally, you can currently watch a recap of everything that unfolded in the first season.

According to Crunchyroll, here’s a summary of the anime Spy X Family: “World peace is at risk, and special agent Twilight faces his toughest mission yet—posing as an ordinary family man. He must play the role of a loving husband and father to gain entry to a prestigious school and befriend a key politician.

Twilight has a convincing disguise, but his wife is a formidable assassin, and neither of them is aware of the other’s deadly secret. However, their adopted daughter possesses the ability to read minds and suspects the truth.”

Where to Watch Spy x Family Season 2

Spy X Family Season 2 is set to premiere on October 7, 2023, at 11:00 p.m. in Japan. You can catch the subbed versions on streaming platforms just 30 minutes later. Here are the release times for various timezones:

Timezone Release Date and Time
JST October 7th, at 11:00 pm
PT October 7th, at 8:30 am
MST October 7th, at 9:30 am
CT October 7th, at 10:30 am
EST October 7th, at 11:30 am
BST October 7th, at 4:30 pm
European Time October 7th, at 5:30 pm
IST October 7th, at 9:30 pm

About Spy x Family Season 2

If there are approximately 25 episodes in the second season of Spy x Family, fans can expect around 38 chapters from the manga to be adapted into episodes. This means that the 76th chapter of the manga will fall just before the conclusion of the Red Circus arc. Considering that the first part of the story covered 38 sections with some additional content, it’s anticipated that the second part will encompass the final two sections of the Red Circus storyline, resulting in a total of 40 sections being adapted.

This indicates that the second season will bring the Imperial Scholars Mixer arc to a conclusion. Additionally, it will include the Cruise Adventure, WISE, Friendship Schemes, and Red Circus storylines. It’s highly likely that these complete storylines will be fully adapted without any omissions, given that the first season incorporated extra anime content.

However, if Spy x Family Season 2 comprises approximately 13 episodes, it’s likely that only about 20 chapters from the manga will be covered. In this scenario, the second season would likely conclude the Imperial Scholars Mixer storyline and fully cover the Cruise Adventure storyline. The other three mentioned stories would be reserved for a future season.

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