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Where to Farm Iron and Copper Ore in V Rising

You’ll need a lot of resources as you progress through the game, such as iron ore and copper ore. While these resources can be found all over the map, there’s actually a certain place where you can farm tons of iron and copper ores. These locations are the best places to mine some iron ores and copper ores. But where can you find these spots in V Rising?

Best Iron Ore Mining Location

For those who are looking for a location where they can find tons of iron ore, you need to go to the location highlighted in the image below. This location can be found in the Dunley Farmlands.

Compared to the copper mining location, the iron ore mining location is way more dangerous as there’s an undead boss spawning around the area. There’s also a normal V-Blood boss that patrols the area. Before you start mining, we recommend that you kill all the potential threats that may disrupt you. However, if you somehow encounter the boss, we recommend that you flee the area or kill it if you can.

Best Copper Ore Mining Location

Now for the copper, you can easily find it near the starting location of the game. The mining spot is located in the Farbane Woods. You can refer to the map below for its exact location.

The copper mine location is way easier once you have already picked up the story of the game. Similar to the iron mining location, there are also lots of enemies spawning around the mining area.

How to Maximize the Resources Gathered

Now that you already know these two great locations to farm iron and copper, here are some tips that you can use to make sure that you maximize all the resources in those areas.

  • Find someone with worker blood, preferably those who have high-level worker blood. This is going to increase the number of resources you are able to harvest during your mining.
  • Farm during a blood moon as a blood moon boosts the current blood type that you currently have.
  • Iron and copper nodes respawn for a short period of time. You can get back to the area again after delivering your mined ores to your headquarters.

Good luck, Vampire!

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