Where to Find All All Golden Easter Eggs in Deep Rock Galactic

This guide contains the location of all golden eggs in the newly Easter-decorated space rig.


Golden Eggs?

  • yes they’re littered around the space rig in a bunch of hidden locations

What are they?

  • just eggs

Are they special?

  • not really aside from the inside being golden and shiny after throwing them

What happens if I collect them all?

  • nothing as far as I know

Is this guide spoiler free?

  • no, if you want to find them on your own I advise you to leave and go look yourself, there are 31 eggs

Main Area | 10 Eggs

Egg 1
Right underneath the Mineral Trade Terminal.

Egg 2
Behind Lloyd’s Abyss Bar counter on his left.

Egg 3
Through below Today’s Special Beer, underneath a chair.

Egg 4
Under the Barrel Hoop game, tucked away to the right of the bottom small ladder.

Egg 5
Just like the last egg but this one is to the left in between two of the three pipes.

Egg 6
Past to the left of The Forge inside a bucket of Rockpox.

Egg 7
Underneath the Deep Dive Terminal right next to a car battery.

Egg 8
On top of the Deep Dive Terminal next to a few other eggs.

Egg 9
To the left behind the Deep Dive Terminal tucked into the corner of it.

Egg 10
Beneath the leg of the giant blue M.U.L.E

Upper Area/Hangar | 13 Eggs

Egg 11
When you ride the elevator (Way across to the left of the Deep Dive Terminal), directly to your right.

Egg 12
From the previous egg go to the left of elevator and look to your right behind a pipe.

Egg 13
Right across from the previous egg through and inside the tunnel by the dripping water.

Egg 14
Across the previous egg on the grate tucked into the corner.

Egg 15
Behind the big easter bunny (Only reachable by drinking Underhill Deluxe).

Egg 16
Right towards the gravity calibration button below a metal plate.

Egg 17
Across the previous egg within a small hole by a Rockpox bucket.

Egg 18
Ahead of the previous egg nested on a ledge of the giant pipe.

Egg 19
Atop the drop pod close to the giant big carrot.

Egg 20
Just ahead the previous egg, atop the drop pod again next to the exhaust.

Egg 21
Against the base of the ladder to the left of the gravity calibration button.

Egg 22
In the upper hangar area to the left side in between two way bigger eggs.

Egg 23
Just like the other egg but to the right side at the base of the ladder.

Memorial Hall | 8 Eggs

Egg 24

Egg 25

Egg 26

Egg 27

Egg 28

Egg 29

Egg 30

Egg 31
All the remaining eggs surround the statues on top of the lights.

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