Where to Find All Collectibles in Silent Night Map in Killing Floor 2

This is a guide so you can find all the collectibles on the Silent Night custom map. The guide contains images and a description of the location of the 30 collectibles distributed throughout the map.

Appearance of collectibles

The collectibles on this map have the appearance of a long candy, with two variant colors:





Each with a snowflake pattern on the packaging.

Location of collectibles

1. Red Candy: On the light pink couch in the doll’s house

2. Green Candy: In the bathtub of the dollhouse, behind the curtain

In order to see this collectible, you must be located on the red chair and look towards the second floor bathroom of the dollhouse

3. Red Candy: In the arms of the white bear

4. Green Candy: Behind the left curtain in the window to the right of the white bear

*Collectible location

5. Red Candy: Behind and on the gifts located on one side of the toy horse

*Collectible location

6. Red Candy: At the base of the Christmas tree, among the gifts

7. Red Candy: Inside the Christmas tree, at the height of the middle behind the tree


In order to see this collectible you must be on the right side of the window that is behind the tree

8. Green Candy: Left side and below the clock

*Locate the piano and you will see the clock

9. Green Candy: Left side of fireplace and behind the firewood

10. Red Candy: Under the red sofa closest to the Christmas tree

11. Red Candy: On the coffee table at the base of the lamp

12. Red Candy: On the table near the fireplace with cookies and milk

13. Red Candy: On the fireplace on the right side

14. Red Candy: On the wooden shelf that is located to the right side of the fireplace, under the symbol of the eliminated dragon class

15. Green Candy: Below and in front of the cabinet that is on the right side of the fireplace and under the chair with the gifts

16. Red Candy: Under the dining table, on a chair

17. Green Candy: Inside a cabinet next to the crockery, located under the large bookcase

The next 8 collectibles are in the same place, they are all on the large dinner table

*Collectibles seen up close18. Red Candy

19. Green Candy

20. Red Candy

21. Green Candy

22. Red Candy

23. Green Candy

24. Red Candy

25. Green Candy

26. Red Candy: In the center a little to the left of the large bookcase, inside on books

27. Red Candy: Behind the goodie bag located below and to the left of the large bookcase. In the corner

28. Red Candy: Below and in a corner of the large dining table, among gifts

29. Red Candy: On and to the right of the door

30. Red Candy: Between the ceiling and the wall located behind the Christmas tree

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