Where to Find All Keys for Bonus Levels in Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered

Here’s a concise guide featuring essential locations found within the game, accompanied by descriptions and screenshots for each location.


The location I’m about to describe is the easiest to locate since it is situated within the smallest map in the game. Once you complete the map in goals mode, a notification will appear, indicating that you can now find the key. Proceed directly to the kitchen and interact with the cabinet positioned in the corner next to the fridge. As you open the cabinet, you will immediately notice a distinct magenta glow emanating from the key.

Upon obtaining the key, you have the option to promptly enter the box and complete the level, or alternatively, remain and continue causing chaos.


Locating this particular item is relatively uncomplicated, although it may require some exploration. Head towards the bathroom where you will notice a distinct magenta radiance emanating from within the shower.

To familiarize yourself with the location, take a moment to examine the litterbox situated adjacent to it.

Box Purradise

The key required for this level can be found within the third map known as Log Cabin. Proceed past the box and enter the adjacent bedroom. Adjacent to the bed, you will come across a basket. Observe closely, and you will notice a faint magenta glow emanating from within. Leap into the basket and retrieve the key.

Identify the correct door to proceed through by locating the cat photo positioned beneath the shelf. The door adjacent to it is the designated path to follow.

Furightful Lab

Although the maps become larger at this stage, finding the key within this particular map is relatively straightforward. It is in close proximity to the room where you initially spawn. In this room with two doors, you are meant to enter the one adjacent to the wine tray. This door will lead you to the laundry room, where you must paw at the laundry machine positioned next to the door. Inside the laundry machine, you will discover the key.

Pawliday Den

This marks the final key for the ultimate bonus map, where the route becomes slightly more extensive. However, it remains in close proximity to the initial room. While it is not mandatory, unlocking a few purrks or utilizing kitties with higher stamina can be advantageous in locating this key, especially if you intend to tackle it alongside remaining goals in the goals mode.

For this map, Razzy and Oreo are recommended options due to their elevated stamina levels (starting at 3) and respectable speed (starting at 2) compared to other kitties.



Firstly, the designated door to proceed through is located adjacent to a wine tray, similar to previous instances. In this particular scenario, it is the door positioned between the two wine trays. Upon entering this door, you will find yourself in one of the multiple bedrooms within the house. Proceed straight ahead through the door you encounter, and you will reach the piano room. By hopping onto the piano keys, you will readily observe the unmistakable magenta glow emanating from the key.

Consider omitting the “play the piano” goal for this particular run, as it is likely to simplify the process of locating the room. The decision is yours to make.

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