Where to Find All Keys in Arid 2.0 in Unturned

Guide including all obtainable keys and their corresponding unlocks on the Arid map.

Soviet Key Order

AG-17 Key

The AG-17 key is located inside a small building in the south-western part of Kahramaan Airfield. It’s on top of a table, behind a sealed metal door, which requires a Rescue Saw or Explosives (such as grenades, charges or a LAW) to open. AG-17 is the first part of the underground bunker complex with some nice military loot, but it’s really dark inside so I recommend you get NVG first.

Sealed door:

AG17 Key:

AG-17 Layout + RS2 Key

Once you get into AG-17, you can get your hands on the RS2 key which is on top of a table down the main hall right after the staircase from the Tamara Complex entrance. RS2 is located on top of the Tamara Complex radar dish and contains some loot and the next key.

Entrances from surface:

AG-17 layout:

RS2 Key:

AG-18 Key

AG-18 key is inside the RS2 room, for which they key you just obtained. The RS2 room is on top of the tamara complex radar dish. AG-18 is another part of the underground bunker complex.

RS2 location:

Top of radar dish:

RS2 room inside (AG-18 key on the table):

AG-18 Layout + AG-19 & SACR1 Keys

AG-19 key is very easy to get, as it’s located on top of a table inside AG-18 not too far from the AG-19 entrances themselfes. AG-19 is the final part of the underground bunker and is also a deadzone so get yourself a gasmask before going in there.

SACR-1 key is on top of a different table also inside AG-18, not too far from the AG-19 key. SACR-1 is a small additional loot room inisde the dorms at Kahramaan Airfield.

Entrances from surface:

AG-18 Layout:

AG-19 key:

SACR1 key:

SACR1 location:

SACR1 door & inside:

AG-19 Layout + SACR2 Key

SACR-2 key is located inside the AG-19 deadzone, at the main control room panels. SACR-2 is also a loot room at Kahramaan Airfield, located in the same building as the AG-17 key. SACR2 is more valuable than SACR1 since it contains the final Soviet key.

SACR2 key:

SACR2 location & door:

AG-19-MS Key

AG-19-MS key is located inside SACR-2, hidden under the shelves on the left side of the room (You need to prone to spot it). AG-19-MS is an additional loot room in AG-19 that is filled with explosives.

SACR2 inside:

AG-19-MS door on the left:

US Key Order

LO2 Key

The LO2 key is located at Point Lima, behind the same sealed metal door as the one blocking the AG-17 key. It’s at the end of the room hidden under a metal crate. LO2 is an office room at the top floor of the same building which contains some intel loot and the next key.





EUS A3 Key

EUS A3 key is hidden behind a computer at the back of the LO2 office room at Point Lima. It unlocks an additional loot room with another key at Fort Knell.




A3 Key:

EUS A5 Key

EUS A5 key is located inside the EUS A3 room in Fort Knell. EUS A5 is a staircase room which functions as a nice shortcut to the upper floor and also gives some additional loot. It can be entered both from A5 and A6 doors at the ground floor, and its exit is labeled as B6 on the upper floor.

A3 door:

A3 inside:

A5 Key:

A5 door & inside:

EUS B4 Key

EUS B4 key is located inside the B2 room at Fort Knell, which is also blocked by a sealed metal door just like the AG17 and LO2 keys. Inside B2 you can find the B4 key on top of a table, as well as some additional loot. B4 is a room not too far from B2, which contains some loot and the mighty AMR rifle pickup.

B2 Door:

B2 Inside + B4 Key:

B4 Door & Inside:

EUS B7 Key

EUS B7 Key is inside the B7 room itself. To get in, simply break the window next to the door and get in. The Key is located at the back of the room on top of the metal shelves. This key is kinda useless because of the window, but you can grab it and use the door instead if you want to. The B7 room also contains the PC that needs a USB stick inserted for the “Extraction” quest from Informant.

B7 Door & Inside:

B7 Key:

EUS B14 Key

To get the B14 key, you must first complete the first 4 quests given by Red (Arsenal quests). When you’re at Arsenal V, you have to go to the radio tower south of Point Mike and grab the B14 key from the top. Please note that the key will not appear if you don’t have the Arsenal 5 quest started.

B14 is a room at Fort Knell located just opposite of the sealed B2 room. Inside you can find the dossier for the quest, and some additional loot.

B14 Key location:

B14 Key:

B14 Door (Fort Knell):

B14 Inside (Dossier on the table):

Abu Al-Kaba’er Keys

Abu Keys and doors:

Correction: Gunshop is located in the small building to the right of the circle.

Gunshop Key

The Gunshop Key is located in room 7 in apartment building B. It’s hidden under a chair and unlocks the backdoors of the Gunshop, where you can find more loot and a blueprint for the weapon rangefinder.

Room 7 & Key location:

Gunshop & Inside:

B2 Key

The B2 Key is located in the backdoors of the Bank. That is the western entrance of the bank, the other one leads upstairs. B2 is a loot room including lots of valuables.

Backdoors entrance & Key location:

B2 Door & Inside:

Hospital Key

Hospital Key is also locked behind a sealed metal door, just like some of the previous keys. This sealed door is at the ground floor of the hospital near the western exit. The room this key unlocks contains high tier meds and some other item spawns.

Sealed door & Key location:

Hospital room & Inside:

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