Where to Find All Keys in Fate/Samurai Remnant

This guide shows you all the 22 hidden spots needed to unlock rogue servant skills or complete a certain mission.

What are those

Key location is hidden spots placed around Edo, it’s hidden because you can’t see it unless you press the R3 button, touching these spots will restores health, valor, affinity, substitute and gives you some gems.

Touching all these spots is needed to finish missions given by a certain NPC in Yoshiwara.

Touching some of these spots is also a requirement to unlock the skills of some rogue servants.

Note: Some locations can only be accessible after you progressed further into the story and one location CANNOT be accessed after a certain point in the story, be sure to touch that spot first.

Map and list of locations

01-02: Asakusa

01 is below the giant lantern thing, you can’t miss it.

02 is inside the locked area, you cannot access it until a certain point in the story.

03-04: Okachimachi

03 is on the bridge while 04 is in front of the temple in the middle of the town.

05: Ueno (Rogue Rider skill)

05 is in the middle of the lake, you can’t access it until a certain point in the story.

Touching this spot is needed to unlock a skill in Tamaweed’s skill tree.

06: Suidobachi

06 is on the bridge.

07: Torikoe

07 is in front of the shrine.

08: Kanda (Rogue Assassin skill)

08 is in the far left of the map, in the last area.

Similar to Ueno, it’s locked until you progress the story and needed to unlock the cool chinese granmps’s skill.

09: Yanagiwara

09 is in front of the small shrine.

10: Akasaka (top priority)

10 is right below this chinese gate.


11: Zojo-ji (Rogue Lancer skill)

11 is below this gate.

It unlocks blue doggo skill.

12-13: Shinagawa

12 is in far left of the map while 13 is in top of the mountain.

14: Kawasaki

14 is in the middle of the town.

15: Kanagawa (Rogue Archer skill)

15 is in the ruined castle on top of the mountain.

It unlocks the super indian hero’s skill.

16: Tamanawa

16 is in front of the buddha statue.

17-18: Yokosuka

17 is in front of the princess’s ship while 18 is in the southern area with lots of statues.

19-20: Todoroki

19 is in front of the shrine while 20 is front of the small statue inside the cave.

21-22: Kan’ei-ji

21 is in front of the shrine while 22 is in the area far upper-left of the map.

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