Where to Find All Keys in Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun

In this guide, we will provide you with the locations of all the obtainable keys in the Grand Elevator area of Warhammer 40,000 Boltgun.

Red Key

Once you exit the airlock from the initial room, proceed through the container until you reach a certain location.

This location serves as the starting point for obtaining all the keys. To bypass the gap, walk around it either on the left or right side. Continue down the corridor until you come across the red key, marked by shotgun blasts. To the right of the red key, you will find the consoles for the other keys.

Inserting each key will initiate a purge sequence, so be prepared for combat.

Purple Key

From the aforementioned starting point, look towards the left and slightly downward.

You’ll notice a faint purple light. Drop down and make your way towards it.

Follow the path illuminated by the lights for a few steps, and you will discover a newly appeared door.

This door will only manifest if you have previously inserted the red key. The same principle applies to the yellow door and the purple key.

Proceed through the airlock, deal with any enemies in the vicinity, and navigate some parkour sections. At the top of the furthest tower on the left, you will find the purple key.

Yellow Key

The process for obtaining the yellow key is similar to that of the purple key.

From the starting point, look towards the right and slightly downward. There won’t be any noticeable yellow indicators, but still, drop down and proceed as you did with the purple key.

Pass through the airlock, and you will enter a small arena. Directly across the room, the key will be shielded by a forcefield. Use the console located to the left of the forcefield to disable it. Prepare for combat as you disable the forcefield.

It’s advisable to make necessary preparations before inserting the key, as the final purge will involve a formidable enemy, the Great Unclean One.

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