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Where to Find All Kitora’s Flight Courses in Tribal Hunter

This guide will focus on showing the location of every single one of Kitora’s Flight Course’s location. Useful for the Flight Course Master achievement! This guide is up to date for version


Welcome to this guide! I made this guide since I’ve noticed quite a few people asking in discussions where are some of Kitora’s flight courses, especially after they bumped the number from 4 to 8. Even I had to scratch my head to figure out some of these locations by myself. To be honest, some of them are hidden in some pretty mean spots.

Since this guide will show some of the game’s later locations, this guide could contain minor spoilers. As long as you are fine with this, feel free to continue.

Reminder: After you’ve talked to Kitora at a specific location and unlocked a new course, you can try all the ones you’ve unlocked by talking to Kitora at the Village, found at this location on the map.

Piglands Course

Area: Piglands
Screen Title: Kitora’s Staging Grounds (Accessible from Mountain Path)
This is the first time you should meet with Kitora, located in a small area accessible from the Mountain Path, even before the wall block.

The Gooey Lift

Area: Slime Caverns
Screen Title: Caverns 9

The Crystal Tower

Area: Crystal Mines
Screen Title: Crystal Mines 5

Pirate’s Roost

Area: Shark Beach
Screen Title: Jack’s Resort (Accessible from Beach 5: Bombardment)

Ghostly Maze

Area: Shadowlands
Screen Title: Shadowlands 9: Eastern Residential District

Honey Swarm

Area: Giant Hive
Screen Title: Hive 7: Inner Hive

This one especially is quite evil for its placement, since unlike all the other ones, you access it from behind a secret wall on the right of the bottom of the screen, near the entrance to it from Hive 6.

Frigid Canyon

Area: Sacred Mountains
Screen Title: Frigid Mountains 6: Icy Pit

Darkdread’s Gauntlet

Area: Castle
Screen Title: Castle 6: Dragon’s Den

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