Where to Find All Messages in DREDGE

If you happen to miss some of the 12 messages in the game, you can use the list below the map to check which ones you still need. This will save you the trouble of sailing around aimlessly. Hopefully, this information will be useful to you.

All Messages Location

  • K-9 – 20th August 1927 (Floating)⠀
  • L-7 – 21st August 1927 (Floating)
  • L-5 – Fisherman’s Note (Search inside the shipwreck)⠀
  • N-4 – Artifact Manifest (Floating)⠀
  • N-3 – 9th September 1927 (Floating)⠀
  • G-4 – 14th September 1927 (Floating)⠀
  • E-5 – 6th, 7th March 1927 (Floating)⠀
  • F-13 – Tattered Receipt (Floating)⠀
  • F-13 – ??? (Floating)⠀
  • N-14 – 1st June 1927 (Floating)⠀
  • P-12 – ??? (Floating)⠀
  • P-10 – Ragged Note (Dock and search the campsite)⠀
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