Where to Find All Mushrooms in Mail Time

If you’re having trouble locating the mushrooms in the game, here’s a quick guide to their locations. This guide was created based on version 1.00.10 (Beta) of the game, so please keep in mind that things may change in the future and the information here may become outdated. Also, please note that in version 1.00.10 (Beta), Toph (the character who collects the mushrooms) is not functioning properly and you may not be able to turn in all of the mushroom samples.

The Mushrooms

  • Amethyst Deceiver – Walk towards the water from Toph and locate three purple mushrooms by a stump.
  • Purple Pinwheel – Search around the yellow flowers at the bottom of the well until you find the purple mushrooms.
  • Indigo Milkcap – Check out the farm area where a set of blue mushrooms is located.
  • Scarlet Elfcup – Cross the road from the van and head to the back of the area. Look for pink cup-shaped mushrooms with a red interior.
  • Blue Pinkgill – Enter the cave behind the waterfall and follow the path to a cluster of three blue mushrooms.
  • Wrinkled Peach – From Clarence’s jumping off point, glide over to the area with bright pastel flowers and head left to find a big wrinkled peach-looking mushroom near Basil and Soks.
  • Red Cage – Go to Kiki the cat and move to the rocks on the right side. Search behind the rocks to find a red net-looking mushroom.
  • Parrot Waxcap – Glide to the area where you meet Greg and move down and left to find a clump of green mushrooms, which includes the Parrot Waxcap.
  • Golden Tuft – Locate Max the capybara and go behind him to find a small, squished-looking house. Move behind the house to find the Golden Tuft mushrooms.
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