Where to Find All Postcards in Home Behind

I was inspired by other guides for this game to write one in English for those who can’t read Chinese. All postcards and how to find/gather them.

Area 1: 4 Postcards

Tip: Save constantly. You may need to reload a few times to get the postcards.

[The first two postcards will be found before the first checkpoint. If you have not gotten both before then, you may need to reload or restart the game.]

First Postcard

First Postcard: Before you get to the village, you will come across a man named ‘Weird Refugee’. He will take 3 items from you before you are forced to fight him.

(Tip: If you do not come across him before you reach the village, you will need to reload. This is where saving constantly can help you not need to restart the whole game. Don’t save after 5% map exploration just in case you don’t come across him and need to reload the game.)Once he is defeated, you will collect the postcard. It is named ‘Health’. This gives you +10 Max Health.

Second Postcard

Second Postcard: Speak to the local teacher. After answering his questions correctly, he will give you a postcard called “Skill Points”. This gives you +1 Skill Points.

The answers to the questions are as follows:

1. Sphere

2. Gravity

3. Many

4. Tap

5. Soda

Third Postcard

Third Postcard: After you leave the first checkpoint of the game, make sure you save. The next postcard may be collected anywhere around the second checkpoint, so save from a point between checkpoint 1 and 2 at around 35%-40%. I have encountered this Bandit leader both before and after the second checkpoint, so keep a look out. If you don’t find him by approximately 60%, reload.

You will come across a man called ‘Bandit Leader’. He is surrounded by corpses. Check near the heads of the third and forth man from the left, right next to the cactus. The next postcard will be on the ground next to a note. Make sure you collect both before leaving.

The third postcard is called ‘Damage’. This gives a +1 to Damage.

Fourth Postcard

Fourth Postcard: Continue forward and save just before the last checkpoint of this area, at approximately 98-99%. You will fight four bandits before you have to fight the leader that wields a chainsaw. Where he’s standing, the postcard will be on the ground in front of the fire. It can be easy to miss, so make sure you keep a keen eye out for it! Just like the others, if it doesn’t appear, reload your save and try again.

The fourth postcard is called ‘Fitness’. This gives a +1 to Fitness.

Area 2: 3 Postcards

Well done! You should have all four postcards now.

The next area has 3 postcards to collect.

Fifth Postcard

Fifth Postcard: Save before the first checkpoint at 25%. Talk to the first man named ‘King’. He will talk about arm wrestling. Challenge him to an arm wrestle. When you win, you will get the fifth postcard. If you fail, reload the game and try again!

The fifth postcard is called ‘Strength’. This gives a +1 to Strength.

Sixth Postcard

Sixth Postcard: Continue on. The fifth postcard, you’ll find on the ground while bombs are falling. Be careful not to run right past it while dodging! You’ll come across it anywhere from 25%-50% map exploration, between check point’s 1 and 2. Be sparing on your saves just in case!

The sixth postcard is called ‘Speed’. This gives a +5% to your movement speed.

Seventh Postcard

Seventh Postcard: The last post card for this area is not for a while. Continue on to the last check point and boss of the area. While walking into the camp, the postcard will be on a table just before you speak to the boss, a man named General Fadi.

The seventh postcard is called ‘Defence’. This gives a +1 to your Defence.

Area 3: 2 Postcards

Well done! You should now have 7 postcards by the end of the second area.

The 3rd area has 2 postcards. These are the last of them!

Eighth Postcard

Eighth Postcard: Be careful with how many saves you do before your first checkpoint in the third area. At any point you’ll come across a wrecked helicopter. One big box with have ‘Pry’ and 3 tries at it. When you successfully open it, you’ll get the postcard. If you aren’t successful, reload and try again.

The eighth postcard is called ‘Agility’. This gives a +1 to Agility.

Ninth Postcard

Ninth Postcard: Continue on to the end of the area. There will be a man working with a ‘charity’ who offers you a ‘different route’. Walk past the bodies and talk to the man as he stands with two people behind him. You’ll need to talk to him and fight him. Once defeated, you will receive the last postcard.

The ninth postcard is called ‘Intelligence’. This gives a +1 to Intelligence.


Congratulations! You should have collected all the postcards now. The achievement ‘Hoarder’ is now yours!

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