Where to Find All Relics in Flynn: Son of Crimson

Chronological screenshots for every relic in Flynn: Son of Crimson. Screencaps provide assistance, but don’t remove the fun of scavenging!


Greetings! This guide will cover what level the relic is in, what the relic looks like, and a general location through screenshot. I don’t use videos or explanations because I believe the screenshots speak for themselves, and I wouldn’t want to remove all the fun of finding these.

I’ve also made a guide for the other achievements, go check it out if you haven’t!

In many cases, red flowers on walls serve as land-markers for where relics are. As told to us by Naliah in Sanctia:

Cardinal Island

#1, Wildedge Grove

#2, Wildedge Retreat

#3, Hollow’s Reach


#4, Wilder Falls

#5, Sanctia

#6, The Great Forest (Hint: Find another exit inside the maze.)

#7, Shadowhaven Trail

Mistral Peak

#8, Frigid Mines

#9, Frosted Caverns (Hint: Check for cheeky white ice wall placements revealing rooms.)

#10, Bleakstorm Ridge

The Hollow

#11, Seabarrow

#12, Crystal Grotto

#13, Palace of Aquaras


#14, Noxious Everglade

#15, Typhir Deadlands

#16, Cedarstone Cove

#17, Cedarstone Plateau

Shivering Spire

#18, Tormented Monolith

#19, Monolith Chambers

#20, Citadel Reach

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