Where to Find All Servers Creation Points in Creature Creator

This guide will show all the available spawn points on the Farm, Cave and City maps. I made this to help those who want to host servers with more interesting spawn points.

This will also be my first uploaded guide so it may not be professional but I tried my best.


This guide shows the names for every spawn point/editing pad so you can plan the creation of your servers better (if you want to). It will list the number (e.g. P0 or P8) and any areas associated with the spawn point.

There will be no info on the Island and Sandbox maps since they only have a single spawn point. It’s also worth mentioning that this doesn’t work in singleplayer.


P0: The default spawning area. It has no name to my knowledge. It is closest to the Wishing Well and is near one of the three trampolines.

P1: The most top right spawn. It says its the Beach around that area but you have to walk a bit to actually get to the beach. It has the odd “???” sign and its close to the snake pve arena.

P2: Orchard. There you can easily reach the Fruit Fight minigame and you can closely observe the wind turbines.

P3: Island. A small area surrounded by the lake. On it spawns one of the Pelican npcs.

P4: Concert. Its closest to the giant concert stage where the Build Battle minigame is. It’s also super close to the Ranch if you can jump over the fence. It has a long path to the City map teleporter.

P5: Waterfall. Next to this spawn is the giant waterfall, ofc. Its closest to the Cave area and the Cave map teleporter.

P6: Campsite. Here is the campsite with a fire place, two tents, a trampoline and some more. Its next to the Lake area and is a favorite place of mine.

P7: Racetrack. This spawn is super close to the Race minigame. Keep in mind that when the minigame starts, the editing pad will be inaccessible to those not in the minigame until it ends.

P8: Market. This spawn is between the Crops and Ranch areas. It has plenty of fun little details. Here you can also get into the Ranch and its pve arena.

P9: Bridge. An area next to the Lake with a fragile bridge to cross the river.

P10: Summit. The highest part of the map. Here you can observe the entirety of the open map.

P11: Cabin. A cabin with a trampoline and one of the Dog npcs. It is surrounded by a forest.

P12: Crops. Here is a barn and a massive field surrounded by fence.

P13: Farmhouse. An area surrounded by fence with three houses and two Dog npcs.

P14: Beach. An extensive beach where you can check out a bar and listen to the ocean waves. Here is the Island map teleporter in the form of a raft.

Other info: P0, P12 and P13 are good teleporting spots nearby the Playground and Sandbox teleporter.


P0: The default spawn area. In the top level of the map, this spawn point is near the Mineshaft with the spider pve arena and the City map teleporter. There is also a path leading to the Farm map teleporter.

P1: An area on the bottom floor of the map. It’s next to the big lake and the Cave Critters minigame.

P2: Another area on the bottom floor. This one has a short path to the P0 spawn area.

P3: Aqua De Vida. A slightly more confined area compared to the rest of the map. Here is the pool that heals you. There’s also four barrels of toxic waste that can interact with the water.


P0: The default spawn area. It is incredibly close to a street so it can be a more dangerous area. It’s also closest to the Kaiju Hunt minigame and the Farm map teleporter.

P1: This spawn has no name but it’s next to a large factory. It’s near the Cave map teleporter.

P2: This spawn point is also close to a street as well as the highway. It’s also near the supermarket and the park pve arena.

P3: This spawn is on top of a large building. This area is good for looking over the map and hopping between the buildings if your creature is capable of it.

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