Killing Floor 2

Where to Find All Skulls in Ashwood Asylum in Killing Floor 2

In this guide, I will provide the locations of all the collectible skulls in Killing Floor 2’s Ashwood Asylum map. By finding and collecting all of these skulls, you will also unlock the achievement known as “Money Mania.” Let’s get started!

Money Mania


Look between the rocks near the entrance ramp.

Find a skull resting on wooden logs next to the trader.

Search under a ladder beside the truck used for reaching the upper level.


Spot a skull on the elevated platform to the left of the stairs.

Discover another skull near the entrance to the courtyard.

Check the slightly open door of the toilet behind the stairs.

Look for a skull in the right office upstairs.

Truck passage

Find one next to the stairs leading to the truck passage.


Ascend to the roof and locate a skull among the hanging bodies on a tree branch.

Find a skull on the roof near the control building.

Spot another skull on the roof of the balcony.

Look for a platform, visible only from the passageway connecting the mess area to the cells building.

Discover a skull at the back of the courtyard, near the entrance to the mess.

Search at the bottom of the horse statue.

Check behind the rocks next to the stairs.

Cells Building

Find a skull above a locker on the left side.

Look for a skull on the ground above the hole in the upper floor in the trader area.

Spot one in the hallway on the right side, with a flickering TV.

Control Building

Explore the upper floor and locate a skull next to a corpse and a control panel.


Check on top of the wine barrels.

Operating Room

Look behind a red pipe (can be shot from the stairs).

Spot one behind the blocked stairs, from the upper level.

Find another skull just to the right of the previous collectible.


Open a body drawer to discover a skull.

Destroyed Lab Area

Search in the hole in the ceiling.

Look on the panel at the bottom of the stairs.

Discover a skull under a desk.

Mess Area

Find a skull in the lift upstairs.

Look for one on a pipe in the blocked hallway downstairs.

Search for a skull in the mess area.

Note: The skull locations mentioned above are rare and usually not found in groups of two or three in the same area.

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