Where to Find All Stars in The Coffin of Andy and Leyley

A quick guide telling you where to get stars.

Stars Explanation

Within the game there are certain actions that make a star emote appear. I am not personally aware of what they do, but they may do something in the future according to the developer.

Stars Episode 1

Cultist Money

After breaking into the cultist house, go to his jacket to find 666.66 bucks.

Split it with Andrew to get a star.

Andrew Chop

Stay and watch Andrew chop up the cultist.

Stars Episode 2

Buy Ashley a soda

At the start of episode 2 as Ashley and Andrew, interact with the soda advertisement.

After the vision of the hitman go to the soda machine with Andrew (solo) and buy Ashley a soda.

Give that soda to Ashley for the star.


The circles show the locations of the flowers and the present you need to pick up.

The numbers show which paths you need to take and the correct order to go.

After viewing the scene you will get the star.

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