Where to Find All Upgrades in Gravity Circuit

This guide will show you where all the health and burst upgrades are hidden in Gravity Circuit.

Map Index

In case you only want to know which upgrades are in which stages, here’s a map:

Health Upgrades


The first health upgrade is in the Optic Circuit’s stage, Steelworks. The health upgrade is hidden behind this destructible floor which is next to the checkpoint after the first few laser traps.

In the hidden room, there is a brief section littered with spikes and lasers. With some quick-thinking, you should be able to snatch the first health upgrade with no problem!


The next health upgrade is in the Patch Circuit’s stage, the Junkyard. The upgrade is hidden behind this destructible wall, just before the underground section of the level.

In the room, there are four goop-dispensing turrets on the ceiling. It’s recommended that you use the Air Jumper chip to get this upgrade, though it’s still possible to get it with the hookshot.


The second-to-last health upgrade is located in the Cooler Circuit’s stage, the Mountains. It’s hidden behind this destructible wall.

Now, this section can be quite tricky. You need to divekick (down + attack in midair) off of the floating mines.

With some patience, this health upgrade is all yours!

City Center

The final health upgrade is located in the Wave Circuit’s stage. the City Center. It’s located below this passage.

At first glance it may look like a bottomless pit, but if you slide down the wall, you’ll discover a hidden hallway containing the final health upgrade!

Burst Upgrades

Power Plant

The first burst upgrade is located in the Power Circuit’s stage, the Power Plant. It’s hidden by this destructible wall next to a health pickup.

In the room, you’ll have to use the hookshot quickly and efficiently to dodge the lasers from above. That should be your first burst upgrade!


The second burst upgrade is located in the Shift Circuit’s stage, the Highway. It’s on top of the truck next to the hidden truck above Kai in the picture. You need to use the hookshot to get to the hidden truck.

The Air Jumper is recommended.

Ore Mines

The third burst upgrade is in the Break Circuit’s stage, the Ore Mines. It’s behind this destructible ceiling.

The hidden area can be quite tricky if you’re not careful or fast enough.

Warehouse Area

The final burst upgrade is in the Cyberspace section of the Cipher Circuit’s stage, the Warehouse Area. In this spike pit just before the second green portal, there’s a small gap roughly in the middle which allows you to sneak below the portal, and get the final burst upgrade!

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