Where to Find All Upgrades in KAPITAL PUNISHMENT 22XX

A guide (WIP) of the power ups you can find in the story mode.


Pretty easy to get: Once you see the power up you just have to go through the right wall. (there is an opening below the power up).


Opening all 3 doors seems to be the key but I’m not sure.

You’ll end up in a section with 3 ways to go (each requiered to progress), once you activate all 3 return to the lower section and you’ll see a door as been unlocked.

Then you can’t get lost.


First upgrade have it’s path hidden behind a wall:


Second upgrade can’t be missed.


You can’t miss it: You’ll see crates and one of them will have an electricity sign so push UP on your D-pad to use the electricity ability of your companion (Titus).


In the way so you should find it regardless.

in case it is actually missable you’ll have a path where you need to slide a la megaman.


Shouldn’t be skippable but just in case:

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