Where to Find Ore in Palworld

Ore is absolutely essential for progressing through the early to midgame, and the rest of the game thereafter, especially as you acquire better technology and end up dealing with greater threats. For now I’ll only list a couple of starter locations for normal ore and one with a coal deposit. Information about quartz and sulfur will come later when I get around to it. Apart from the location on this list, you can also find another good ore spots from this link.

Chillet Alpha Pal Spot

Opposite the Chillet Alpha pal boss at the game’s start, there’s a bridge connecting to another piece of land rich in ore. It’s an excellent spot early in the game, being close to the spawn location at the plateau. I recommend using a spot like this if you plan to set up a secondary base dedicated to farming ore.

  • Coordinates: 156, -395


This is the best early game location to farm ore, it is also relatively close to the plateau, not even being that far off left. This is also an amazing location if you wanna set up a hybrid base, if you place your pal box just close enough then you build on both cliff platforms, with your house and primary base being on top and place for mining operations on the bottom, just be sure to build a ramp so your pals can make it up and down, I recommend using the wooden roof over the stairs as it’s smoother to walk on and can actually be stacked.

  • Coordinates: 7, -529

Sealed Realm of the Guardian

This is undoubtedly the best ore farming spot in the entire game. It’s the only location where you can find an abundance of two different resources packed closely together: coal and ore. These are two of the most crucial resources in the game. On the other hand, quartz and sulfur are incredibly easy to obtain, and you won’t need as much of those two compared to the others mentioned.

  • Coordinates: 192, -38

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