Where to Find Pom-Pom in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail has numerous non-playable characters, but the sole conductor of the Astral Express is Pom-Pom. While players will meet Pom-Pom early on in the game, they will need to revisit regularly to obtain rewards. If you’re uncertain about how to locate Pom-Pom in Honkai Star Rail, don’t worry, we’re here to assist you in clarifying any confusion.

Pom-Pom Location

To find Pom-Pom in Honkai Star Rail, players must head to the Parlor Car area. They can quickly travel to this location by opening the Navigation menu, selecting Parlor Car, choosing Pom-Pom, and clicking the Teleport button.

At every level, Pom-Pom offers players free rewards, which they can claim by selecting the “How’s my Trailblaze Level?” option and clicking the Claim Reward button at the Level 2 Trailblaze Level. Every five levels, players receive a free Star Rail Pass and other prizes. It’s recommended that players return to Pom-Pom every few levels to collect these materials and use them to upgrade their characters and Light Cones.

After arriving at Jarilo-VI, it may be a bit perplexing to return to Pom-Pom for the first time, but now you should have a clear understanding of how to do so. Keep an eye out for Pom-Pom’s quests as well, which will occasionally appear as extra dialog options.