Where to Find Super Uranium in HELLDIVERS 2

Firstly, there will only be 3 Super Uranium on a map at any given time, in a singular spot and they only spawn on missions at difficulty 7 or higher. That being Suicide Mission, Impossible, and HellDive.

How to find Super Uranium

Step 1

Find this rock.

It is a rather distinct penile vertical outcrop with a basalt surface, and white veins running through it. At the base of this rock will be a cluster of 3 Super Uranium. There can sometimes be more than one of these in a given map, so you may be baited into finding one, and getting no samples. Fret not! They are guaranteed to spawn so you will find them eventually.

How do you find these? Well you kind of just need to scrounge for them, once you know what the rock looks like, you can spot them from fairly far away.

Step 2

Collect your goods!

Once you do find them, you will see these odd floating bubbles of what looks like mercury, pick them up and you have your T3 samples! (Do not spam the interact button, it can bug out and make them impossible to collect. I have been screwed by this a few times.)

One more picture to show a little more up close what they look like.


  • You can increase the zoom magnification of your weapon to zero in on longer distances, sometimes making it easier to spot the outcrops at long range.
  • Well lit, daytime planets help a lot while hunting. Moons often have very good natural lighting and don’t have many atmospheric obstructions.
  • Do not bother trying to hunt these out on missions you will not extract from, you lose all samples if you don’t extract.
  • Lighter armor makes hunting these a little easier.
  • There is no need to do difficulties higher than 7 while hunting, you don’t need to make collecting these already rather annoying to find boons more difficult.
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