Where to Find the Rock Slime in Slime Rancher

This guide will be showing you the location where you can find and catch a rock slime in Slime Rancher.

Where to Find the Rock Slime

“These slimes ore totally metal.”
Rock slimes are among the first slimes you find in the first game, and are first found in the Starlight Strand and Ember Valley in the second game.

Favorite Food: Heart Beet
Diet: Veggies
Location: Everywhere except the Moss Blanket and the Rainbow Fields.
Abilities: Curling into a ball and rolling, hurts on touch
Secret Style: Heavy Metal. The slime turns to a steely grey and becomes shiny all the way through.

Rock Slimes can be found in both games and have 3 gordos.
2 in the main game
1 in the second game

Gordo 1 can be found sitting in the first cave you see in the Indigo Quarry.

Gordo 2 can be found very deep in the Indigo Quarry behind a small region of the place. This region can be reached primarily by buying the jetpack and flying over the broken bridge and then going behind the area.

Gordo 3 is only in the second game and is found in the Ember Valley, relatively high up as well and not that far from a portal.

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