Where to Find the Tree Hoppers in The Bloodline

Don’t know where to look for Tree Hoppers? This is the guide for you.

Where to Find Them

The easiest place to find Tree Hoppers is in Glennheim Hills. They will spawn in the very large trees, and hop between branches. You are not guaranteed to find them in every large tree, only some of them. I believe they can spawn at any time, but I found them during the day.

Here is a picture of the trees they spawn in.

What They Look Like

They are very small, black, beetle-looking creatures. They hop between different branches in the same tree, stopping for a few seconds every time they land.

Here is a picture of a Tree Hopper.

Here is a picture of a Tree Hopper next to a flower. If you see sparkling in one of these trees, it is likely a flower. Tree Hoppers don’t sparkle. Tree Hoppers can spawn in trees without flowers as well.

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