Wildfrost Achievements Walkthrough Guide

This guide will be showing you the complete walkthrough on how to obtain all Wildfrost achievements.

Lone Survivor

Win a battle with just your Leader remaining

Pretty simple, just have every companion faint during battle and win.

High Roller

Buy 3 Charms from a single shop

Pretty simple since shops and charms aren’t often super game-changing, simply save up your money until you have the money to buy 3 charms. Note that they get more expensive for each charm you buy at the same shop.

Feed the Beast

Feed the Muncher a Consume item

I don’t think any clan starts with a Consume item, so just try to get one early on and feed it to the Muncher. You can immediately abandon and restart the run if you want.

Gnome Friend

Spare the Naked Gnome

Rarely, on your first encounter only, you can encounter a Naked Gnome. It will always appear at the very start of the battle. If you manage to kill the boss without killing the gnome you will unlock this achievement!

Also, the gnome will offer to join your team, but it’s pretty weak.

Long Live the King

Survive an attack from King Moko and win the battle

The best way to kill King Moko is to apply a lot of damage before he can trigger his insane attack.

I think the best way to get this is to place as many items as possible with Scrap (the brown hearts) instead of HP as this will decrease by 1 whenever they are hit, ignoring the attack stat. These items can also be buffed further with the Scrap Charm.

Optionally you can combine this with Block from Blunky.


Win a Daily Voyage

Beat the game on a daily challenge run.

One Punch

Defeat the Frost Guardian with a Scrappy Sword

A combination of Demonize and charms to boost the damage on your Scrappy Sword may be useful here.


Achieve a 3 Win Streak

Just keep doing what you’re doing.


Defeat the Heart of the Storm

I assume this is a true final boss / true ending situation. Not sure yet how to achieve this.

Big Hitter

Deal 50 damage in a single hit

A combination of Monch or Yuki with Demonize makes this very easy.

Soulbound Skulls can also be used to deal 100 damage instantly to a target which will unlock this achievement and Bigger Hitter at the same time.

Bigger Hitter

Deal 100 damage in a single hit

Soulbound Skulls can be used to deal 100 damage instantly to a target.


Stack 20 Shroom on a single target

Pretty straightforward, tanking hits with Fungun is a great way to get this.

Snowball Fight

Stack 15 Snow on a single target

Snowcake is a very good way to start off getting this achievement as it adds 12 Snow. From there use anything else to stack up 3 extra Snow.


Stack 5 Block on a single target

Either pick a hero that can apply Block or repeatedly play and recall Blunky as the Block will not be reset when recalled.

Tough Nut

Stack 50 Shell on a single target

I’m not sure if enemies count for this. If they do then purposefully stalling out a Bolgo encounter may be a good way to get this.

If not, your best bet is likely Kernel as he offers a very easily repeatable method of stacking up Block.


Sacrifice 10 allies in a single battle

Any Shademancers deck should have a good shot at this, especially if you play around Monch and/or Chikichi.

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