Worbital – How to Get the “Accidents Happen” Achievement

How to earn the very elusive “Accidents Happen” achievement in Worbital.

Accidents Happen Achievement Guide

Thanks to the fellow gamer who reached out to me(I’m posting with their permission), I finally got this achievement after many failed attempts. This achievement is very picky. If you try altering just one of these steps(i.e. choosing “chaos” instead of “alliance”) the achievement will not be awarded. So here it is, the ONLY way I know that works:

  1. Choose a loadout that has both a colonizer AND a nuclear missile as your tier 3 weapons
  2. From the main menu choose “Quick Play”
  3. Choose “Alliance” mode
  4. During the game, fast track to tier 3 structures by shooting neutral planets with railguns or whatever you have available
  5. Colonize a neutral planet with a colonizer
  6. Destroy the planet you colonized. Make sure the final knockout blow is from a nuclear missile
  7. Achievement should then be awarded immediately without even needing to finish the match.

Failed Methods

Just to show you how picky this achievement is, here is my list of all the failed attempts I made before I learned the secret formula. Blowing up your own planet with any of these methods will NOT earn the achievement:

  • Completed all the campaign missions(in case it was part of a campaign mission)
  • Blew up my own planet in online multiplayer
  • Blew up my own planet in local multiplayer
  • Blew up my own planet in a campaign mission.
  • Blew up my own planet with a variety of weapons, including nukes(as the image hints at)
  • Colonized a new planet on multiplayer and blew it up
  • Played local multiplayer(teams) with AI and blew up an allied planet
  • Used the Lucid Evacuator to self destruct my planet
  • Activated two connected Celestial Overchargers
  • Played a local match against 3 normal AI, no custom settings, killed myself with the final shot being from my own colonizer crashing into my core
  • local match vs 1 normal AI, no custom settings, got myself with a solar laser which was tricky to do without the AI getting me first!
  • Sandbox mode, killed my home planet with the “big gun”
  • Tutorial, killed my home planet with the good ol’ railgun
  • local match vs 1 normal AI, no custom settings, colonized both moons and planets, and blew up the colonies from the home planet
  • Local match vs 1 easy AI, no custom settings, blew up colonized planet with nuke.
  • Quick Play, Chaos, blew up colonized planet with nuke.
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