Wordscapes March 9, 2022 Daily Puzzle Answers

This page will show you the list of correct answers for Wordscapes March 9, 2022 daily puzzle. Wordscapes features a lot of crossword puzzles that every player is enjoying. Apart from the fixed in-game puzzles, Wordscapes also offers daily puzzles, giving players a chance to earn more coins.

If you’re one of the players who are looking for the correct Wordscapes daily answers, this guide will show you the complete list of answers that you need.

Wordscapes Daily Puzzle

With today’s puzzle, Wordscapes have introduced 6 letters for you to solve. Below are the answers for March 9, 2022 Wordscapes daily puzzle.

Main Words

  • HIRE
  • TIRE
  • HEIR
  • RITE
  • TIER
  • HER
  • HIT
  • THE
  • TIE
  • IRE

Bonus Words

  • HIE

And this concludes our Wordscapes daily puzzle answers for March 9, 2022. If you want to get the answer for tomorrow’s Wordscapes daily puzzle, make sure to follow and bookmark our Wordscapes daily puzzle cheat sheet.

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