WW2 Rebuilder Controls and Shortcuts Guide

Developer and publisher Madnetic Games has officially launched WW2 Rebuilder. If you’re planning to experience how the world rebuilds after the war, this page will show you the list of WW2 Rebuilder controls that you need to know.

WW2 Rebuilder Controls

The following are the default WW2 Rebuilder key bindings. Just like any other simulation video game, you can change and remap these default controls by simply going to Settings > Input section.

Move ForwardW
Move BackwardS
Move LeftA
Move RightD
Hand ActionF
Primary ActionLeft Mouse Button
Secondary ActionRight Mouse Button
Jump / BreakSpacebar
Scan AreaLeft Ctrl
Tool Menu (Hold)Middle Mouse Button
Tool Menu (Toggle)Left Alt
Quick MenuTab
NextLeft Mouse Button
PreviousLeft Mouse Button
Item 11
Item 22
Item 33
Item 44
Item 55
Item 66
Item 77
Item 88
Item 99
Item 00
Attach TrailerC
Change DirectionQ
Drop ResourcesG
Pause Menu
WW2 Rebuilder Controls

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