WWE 2K Battlegrounds Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can get 100% achievements in WWE 2K Battlegrounds. If you’re one of the players trying to obtain all WWE 2K Battlegrounds achievements, this one is for you.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Achievement Guide

I won!
Perform a pin successfully

Pin a wrestler (Will complete within the story, if not do an exhibition 1v1 match)

Fill the crowd bar

Fill the crowd bar – This is the bar below your character which you can be filled by completing the little in-game objectives that give the bar progress. When the bar reaches max the achievement will pop. I found this easiest within story mode on the gauntlet missions.

Win a Steel Cage match

Win a Steel Cage match – Collect money within a steel cage match than when the bar on the side pops up the green climb to the top and complete the QTE. Story mode has these matches however this can be completed with 1v1 steel cage match (easier than 2v2).

That’s my signature
Perform 20 signature moves

When the bar is full beneath your wrestler activate your signature move. 20 overall the whole game not in one match also can be different wrestlers I think.

Nothing personal
Perform 20 taunts

Performing taunts over the whole game will complete this. Tip: Do these while your opponent is down or out of the ring to fill up your signature bar.

Welcome to the Sunshine State
Unlock the Everglades battleground

Unlocked by beating Brock Lesnar in the Florida section of the story.

Control the ram and feed your opponent to the alligator

Complete this by throwing your opponent into the crocodile on the Everglades Battleground and Using the ram control outside of the ring in the Mexico Battleground.

Is that a legal move?
Pick up a motorcycle and a turnbuckle

To do this while in the Everglades Battleground, as a brawler or powerhouse head out of the ring and look under the ring until you find a motorcycle. To get a turnbuckle you will have to destroy the ring this is easiest within the Boot Camp (Military) battleground. Use the helicopter and jump down onto the ring with a powerhouse wrestler then pick up the turnbuckle like any other weapon. If the ring doesn’t break instantly jump down on it again.

Unlock the “Thunderstorm” Power Up

You can unlock this ability through story mode. In the first optional match in the Detroit Battleground (Tornado tag match vs Jeff Hardy and Baron Corbin). Win the match and redeem the prize.

Becoming a Superstar
Complete the WrestleMania event

This trophy is unlocked after you have completed the Wrestlemania event. In other words, this is a trophy for completing the main path of the campaign. Wrestlemania is the final battleground of the campaign, and it will end with an all-female Royal Rumble of 9 contestants. You do not need to complete all of the side events in the campaign to unlock this trophy.

Vs. the World
Win a Gauntlet match against 5 opponents or more

Pick a gauntlet match and within the match configuration while picking a wrestler change participants to 5. For this, I kept throwing wrestlers out of the ring and getting them counted out.

Anybody else?
Win a Royal Rumble match with 20 opponents

Pick royal rumble as the match type with the exhibition options and try to win! Tips are below within the next achievement, I think it saves time to do the Invincible achievement unless you love rumble matches!

Win a Royal Rumble match against 30 opponents in medium difficulty or higher

Let’s be honest this is why I and you are here. Eliminate 30 opponents and survive easily no?

The common theme in most forums about this is to spend 9000 blue currency on upgrading Speedy Recovery power up. Go and pick a powerhouse with the speedy recovery power-up. Take your time don’t be randomly picking up opponents always try to beat them down to red health. Try just focus on one guy at a time. I usually try a corner elimination or a pickup and throw elimination when they are at red (picking up and throwing just saves time and is easier).

Guide by Drunk Dan.

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