XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen DLC Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how to get the 100% achievement in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. If you’re one of the owners of this XCOM 2 DLC and want to obtain all achievements, then make sure to check our guide below.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Achievement Guide

A New Alliance – Complete the Lost and Abandoned mission

  • Complete the DLC mission, needs to activated at the start of the campaign.

A Rival Silenced – Permanently defeat one of the Chosen

  • The 3 Chosen will harass you during your campaign, but you will not be able to defeat and kill them. To do this once and for all, you have to attack them in their respective strongholds, which you will have to search for through the Resistance Ring and the special ‘Hunt the Chosen’ missions that are available. One of the Chosen is related to one of the factions. For the third hunting mission, you will need a Major rank soldier. In the attack on the stronghold, the Chosen will be defeated once you have destroyed the sarcophagus first and then kill the Chosen unit.

Zombies in a Barrel – Get 15 Headshots against Lost in a single turn

  • The headshots are not the problem. You will have two things to consider: Attract enough Lost so there are at least 15 available, AND have enough ammunition/ways to shoot and reload.

Born in the Darkness – Get four kills from Shadow mode with a Reaper in a single mission

  • The Reapers concealment is the shadow mode. Kill four enemies while concealed. You may of course lose shadow mode, but there are abilities to help you stay concealed or become concealed again.

Circle of Psi – Raise a Templar to maximum Focus level, spend it all, and reach the max again in a single mission

  • The Templar will collect Focus energy through some of his abilities when leveled up, and may use that energy to power other abilities. Have your maximum level of energy (shown at the bottom left in purple for the Templar) collected (energy bar level full), then spend all of the energy on abilities that use them, and then start collecting again for full level.

Can’t Stop the Fighting – Perform three offensive actions against the same target with a Skirmisher in a single turn

  • The Skirmisher itself gains abilities that will enable him to perform several offensive actions (Total Combat, Whiplash, Reflex), but you can also use other action-giving abilities on other soldiers to give the skirmisher opportunities to attack. The drawback here is to have the same target allow for three consecutive actions that won’t kill him during the first two, so don’t try on a low HP target.

It Takes Two – Form a level 3 bond between two soldiers

  • Form a bond between two soldiers, and get on missions to improve the connection between them (also via Resistance Ring). For the upgrade of the bond beyond the first level, you need the Training Center, and some bonding time.

Weary Warriors – Complete a mission with all Tired soldiers and no casualties

  • Take only tired soldiers with you on a mission, and have no one killed. Soldiers will become tired if you don’t cycle much between missions, so you might get a full squad soon.

Fully Operational Resistance – Raise XCOM’s influence with all three factions to High in a single game

  • The influence can be raised via the ‘Hunt the Chosen’ resistance missions in the Resistance Ring. Complete all Part 3 missions for all factions.

No One Left Behind – Rescue a soldier who was captured by the Chosen

  • From the beginning of the campaign, Pratal Mox will be captured during the story, or later in your missions when the Chosen takes away some unit from the battlefield (unit gets dazed by Chosen, then taken away). Sometime later, you will have the chance to do a covert mission to locate and extract the missing soldier (he’s named in the mission text, so if you have several captured, you know who you’re going to free), so accept that mission and bring the soldier to the evac zone.

And that’s everything for this XCOM 2: War of the Chosen achievement guide. For those who haven’t obtained all the achievement in the base game, feel free to check this guide.

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