Yihongyuan Achievement Guide and All Quiz Answers

This guide will help you obtain all the achievements in Yihongyuan and give you all the answers to the quiz so you can progress to the optional scenes.

There are a total of 19 achievements to obtain and this guide goes from each girl from Left -> Right. Each girl has 3 achievements attached to them.

Dice Game

  • The first achievement for each girl is to win the dice game, It relies on RNG but I haven’t failed any in the story mode. When I tried to go back and see if I could fail, it just has a try again option. So keep trying until you beat them.
  • To win the Dice game, you either need to get a higher number than your opponent OR get triples of the same number.


  • You are left alone in the room while the girl prepares herself. Use this time to find all her important props


  • When you get all the props, peep in the other room to see her getting ready.
  • Go for this AFTER you get all the props as it does end the prop hunt.

Most options do not matter in the story other than saying “Yes” when the girl invites you upstairs.

There are no achievements attached to the quiz each girl gives at the end, but I added in a cheat sheet just incase you want to “see” the scenes that come with getting the questions correct.

As always, if you used this guide. I would appreciate a rating and a thumbs up!

Su Maniang

Meet Su Mannia for the first time
Customs clearance and Su Manniang Dice Bureau (non-plot).

Su Manniang loves.
Find Su Manniang’s important props.

Spying into Su Mannia’s privacy
Observing Su Manniang from the perspective of snooping

In the residence of the King of Qi, in front of the hall of Cui Jiu, a good scene remembers the south of the Yangtze River, once the sea was too wide to be water;

  • At the top of the jade peaks, under the moon of the dazzling platform, lightly made up and leaning against the flying swallows, except for the witch mountain, not the clouds.

I’m not afraid to be sentimental, but I’m sad to see the wine and the lights go red, and I’m sad to see the spring go away;

  • It seems like a familiar sight, but I am disappointed to see the empty mud fall from the beam, when will I see the swallows return again.

The house is a home, where there is a long new wind and moon;

  • Forget being a guest in another country, see a thousand rocks and ravines, such a river and mountain.

The moon is not always full; I am awake and drunk again and again; I would like to be a butterfly and think about it all my life as a dream;

  • It’s hard to see a good flower, but the person you want is the person you want, so try writing the words “lovebirds” upside down.

The lute on the horse has been hated for ages;

  • A song and dance in the palm of your hand.

Myriad Euphoric Clouds

The first time I know it, it’s wonderful
Customs clearance and Miaowanyun Dice Bureau (non-plot).

Miaowanyun’s hobby
Find Miaowanyun’s important props.

Peep at Miaowanyun
Observe Miaowanyun from a prying perspective

The left side is less than a thousand, the right side is more than ten thousand.

  • Imitate

Mountains are connected on all sides

  • Tian

There are no two in the sky, together they go for one bite, and every family has one

  • People

The sun sets in the west, the moon hangs in the east

  • Ming

Round when drawn, square when written, short in winter, long in summer

  • Day

Liu Xiangjun

Meet Liu Xiangjun for the first time
Liuxiangjun Dice Bureau (non-plot)

Liu Xiangjun loves
Find Liu Xiangjun’s important props.

Snoop on Xiang jun si mi
Observing Liu Xiangjun from the perspective of snooping.

The flowers of Luoyang, the moon of Liang Yuan, good flowers must be bought, but the moon must be given credit.

  • The moon once asked for wine for a reunion night.

The wind and the rain are sad for the flowers. When the wind and rain have ceased, the flowers should also rest.

  • I advise you not to get drunk before the flowers; this year will be gone, next year they will be gone, and your head will be white.

When you are thirsty, you drink, when you are hungry, when you eat, when you are drunk, and when you are sleepy, you lie down in the saints.

  • The sun and moon are long, the sky and the earth are wide, and there’s nothing to do!

Who will break the dream of the soprano?

  • Away from the world of profit and fame, into a nest of comfort and leisure!

The pavilions are full of green leaves, and it’s a good time to take advantage of the coolness. The pomegranates are in bloom, and the flowers are red.

  • Old swallows with their chicks whispering, harmonised by cicadas singing in the tall willows. When the rain falls, pearls are scattered all over the new lotus.

Mercy Snow

First know Lianxue
Pass Lianxue’s dice game.

Lianxue’s hobby
Find important props for Lianxue.

Snoop into the privacy of the snow
Observe the pity snow from the perspective of snooping.

Last night, the rain was sparse and windy, and I couldn’t get rid of the remaining wine in my thick sleep.

  • Ask the curtain-roller, but he says the begonias are still there.

The late gust of wind and rain washes away the heat and light.

  • After the music and the reeds are finished, I am still in the light makeup of a diamond flower.

I am lonely in a deep chamber, and my tender intestines are filled with a thousand strands of sorrow.

  • The spring is gone, and a few moments of rush of flowers and rain.

I often remember the sunset at the stream pavilion, drunk and not knowing the way home.

  • When the fun is over, I return to the boat, and I stray into the depths of the lotus flowers.

The red roots are fragrant, the jade mushrooms are in autumn, and I am gently undressing my robe and boarding the orchid boat alone.

  • Who sends a letter in the clouds? When the geese return, the moon fills the western tower.

Nien Chien Lo

The first time I met you, I was gentle.
Customs clearance and reading Qianrou Dice Bureau (non-plot).

Nianqianrou’s hobby
Find the important props of Nianqianrou.

Peep at Nianqianrou
Observe Qianrou from the perspective of snooping.

The flowers are not flowers, the mist is not mist. It comes at midnight and goes at dawn.

  • It comes like a spring dream, and goes like the clouds.

The spring bangquet, a cup of green wine and a song all over again.

  • Three more wishes: one, that you may live a thousand years; two, that I may always be healthy.

Orchid ashes fall, dark red bananas on the screen.

  • I am dreaming of a day when the plum is ripe in the south of the river, and the night boat blows the flute and the rain. People speak of the bridge by the post.

The white heron flies in front of Xisai Mountain, and the peach blossoms and the Mandarin fish are fat.

  • Green hats, green straw raincoats, the wind and rain do not need to return.

Heaven! Don’t let the round toad shine on the guest’s sleep.

  • Where are the people? The shadows of the laurel are self-contained.

Murong Yuzheng

Meet Murong Yuqing for the first time
Customs clearance and Murong Yuqing Dice Bureau (non-plot).

Murong Yuqing loves
Find the important props of Murong Yuqing.

Spying on Murong Yuqing’s privacy
Observing Murong Yuqing from the perspective of snooping.

The phoenix pavilion and the dragon tower are connected to the sky, and the jade trees and jade branches are marde into smoke.

  • How many times have we known the war? Once a captive.

The grass and trees in the sloping sun, the streets in the ordinary streets. People say that the slave used to live there.

  • Think back to the days when the Golden Goblet swallowed all the miles like a tiger.

I was drunk when I picked the lamp to look at the sword, and dreamed of returning to the camp with the blowing of horns.

  • Eight hundred miles under the banner of the battalion, fifty strings overturning the sound of the cessation of hostilities.

The old man was a young man, a young man with a left hand, a right ahdn, a hat and a sable fur, a thousand horses rolling up the hill.

  • To repay the tilted city, I followed the tyrant, shot the tiger myself and watched Sun Lang.

The great river is going east, the waves are panning out, the people of the ages are flowing.

  • To the west of the old fortress, the people are known as the Red Cliff of the Three Kingdoms, Zhou Lang.
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